clickin’ around, vol. 21

I’m nursing a small crush on Danish fashion illustrator Christel Marott‘s work as of late. It’d be a happy miracle to find some of her paper dolls on a dusty thrift-store shelf.

I rock a three-bun variation of this hairdo almost every week and net a lot of nice compliments and inquiries when I do. As the video illustrates,  it’s ridiculously easy; perfect for second day dirty hair and hurried mornings.

For all the other stationery nerds out there, a glorious color spectrum of paper! (c/o Design Crush)

I’m determined to stretch my skillz as a baker and make a batch of these. If anything can get my over my fear of using yeast, it’s my love for pumpkin-flavored baked goods.

Transform a dowdy thrift-store skirt in 30 minutes? Yes please!

Holy cow, this shirt.

The first installment of The Beauty Department’s Halloween hair how-tos is pretty awesome.

I guess now that I’m officially a “cat person,” I need cereal bowls with kitties in them, right?

Speaking of critters, how rad is this round-up of animal print pretties? I want them all…the orange camel dress especially.



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