introducing…tammy crackers

Meet Tammy Crackers, the newest member of our little fur family. She came home with me just over a week ago and every day since I’ve fallen more and more in love. It’s funny how quickly one can go from “normal girl” to “crazy cat lady.” I knew it was all over on Sunday night, when I caught myself scrolling through picture after picture of her on my phone while waiting for takeout at Matt’s. You know your “crazy cat lady” freak flag’s flying high when you find yourself sitting alone at a bar, drinking a beer, pouring over her photos! She’s just so darn adorable…what am I supposed to do?

I’ll be back soon with some first impressions of the newest thrift store  in town…



13 thoughts on “introducing…tammy crackers

  1. Oh my goodness she is cute! And there is nothing wrong with having your phone full of pictures of your cats…I think.

    I am sad I had to miss mighty swell this weekend but I had a nasty cold and didn’t feel comfortable going out being that I was contagious and all. :( I’ll be sure to check out the coats sale at the end of the month.

  2. Tammy Crackers = adorable. Did you adopt her from a shelter or did she find you? She looks like she was born to nestle on that quilt. Caution: very nap inspiring.

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