style magic: bobbie gentry

Hi lovelies!

Time for another Style Magic feature, this one featuring one of my most favorite country ladies, Bobbie Gentry. Not only is this enchanting beauty a ridiculously gifted songwriter/singer, but she has a style all her own. I love how she can rock a va-va-voom showgirl-style frock (complete with a waist-high slit) in one pic and then be perched barefoot in a tree, looking ever-so-comfy in jeans and a pull-over in the next. And that hair! The ever-present voluminous mass of long, long, long brunette locks—I just love it. (I even gush about it on Beauty Bets tomorrow! Go see!)

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Of course, I couldn’t have a whole feature about Bobbie without sharing a few of my favorite clips of her singing.

“Ode to Billie Joe”


I hope you enjoyed this little round-up of pretty pictures. To learn more about Miss Gentry, get your mitts on the winter issue of Venus Zine, which features a *fascinating* article about her by Tara Murtha.




4 thoughts on “style magic: bobbie gentry

  1. Mrs. Gentry, My grandmother, Clara Love Pinnix, told me when I was a teenager long ago before she died that we were related to you. She was married to Lovic Pinnix and lived near Mathiston, MS. I am 48 years old, living in Grenada, MS, and have been told I look like you. My dad is Jimmie Pinnix who is now 83, and my mother is Francine Reed Pinnix who is now 80. They live right down from me in Grenada, MS. If we are related, I would really like to write to you. I love your music. Beth Pinnix Mitchell

  2. I agree: Gentry had the most amazing hair I ever saw. British model Jean Shrimpton started the trend of having thick sexy hair in the last half of the 1960’s (then Raquel Welch copied it for herself). And with her hair black and coming from Mississippi, any wonder why they didn’t call her “The Female Elvis”? Did I see that Gentry was wearing two different shoes in the second photo? I heard that she had big breasts and butt (there’s that photo partially baring her chest, but no hulking).

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