must-see TV

Happy Monday, m’dears!


My heart went a’pitter-patter today when I heard about Alexa Chung’s upcoming PBS program “Thrift America,” a series about hunting for vintage clothes and other awesome miscellany at thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales and flea markets. She’ll be tooling around with the show’s creator and editor, Maya Singer. The program, slated to run next summer, will follow the stylish pair as they treasure hunt in Alabama, Nashville, Detroit and New York. Talk about a dream job! I can’t wait to enviously tag along on their adventures from the comfort of my living room.

Will you watch?





5 thoughts on “must-see TV

  1. YES! This sounds like the perfect tv replacement to What Not To Wear, which I lost when we dropped our cable service…boo.

    Please post a reminder when you know the premier date!

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