new year, new projects: decking out my office

I didn’t make any new years resolutions per se, but sprucing up my office is definitely a task I want to tackle this month. I’ve never had a cubicle job before last summer and I gotta be honest, it’s been an adjustment. Sitting still in one place and tap-tap-tapping for eight to nine hours is hard, but I’m set on making it a little easier this year by filling my space with things that are me. My eyes have been peeled for goodies at the thrift, but here are a few odds ‘n ends that’ve have caught my interest around the Internet.

1. Plastic Canvas Alphabet 2. Bruuuuuuuuce!  3. My daily dilemma 4. Vintage 1961 Scout Convertible (my dream car!) 5. Golden Girls Faces

1. Julia Child quote, designed by Rae Alexis 2. Why Not? Lino Print (I think this all. the. time!) 3. Cubicle Sweet Cubicle Counted Cross Stitch 4. Heavens to Betsy Gold Foil Print 5. Lady Juggler Mid-Century Modern Print

1. Vintage Pink Magazine Office File Organizer 2. Teak Desk Trays 3. Orange Scotch Tape Dispenser 4. Kitten Book Ends 5. Delfonics Pencils

What do you all surround yourself with to stay inspired? I’d love to hear!



5 thoughts on “new year, new projects: decking out my office

  1. I just hung up Rae’s Julia Child quote at my desk today (even though I’m moving to a different floor in 2 days). I’ve been trying to go with more sleek/modern things for my desk at work, since all the flouro lighting seems to steal the beauty of vintage. What I REALLY want is a lamp. A wonderful lamp that makes me feel like i’m in my own little world. Also, we need to get lunch :)

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