and i’m back…

While I was gone…

I visited some new-to-me thrift stores.

Got a zillion-and-a-half bins of vintage washed, mended and priced.

Worked on Mighty Swell’s flower-filled window display. It’s shaping up to be absolutely adorable.

Took a little road trip with my love. It was a heavenly break.

We paid our respects to Dave Dudley at his grave just outside Danbury, Wisconsin.

After that, we went to see George Jones perform, our third casino show in as many months. I’ve become fond of taking pictures of the impressively awful carpeting found at casinos.

So far today is shaping up to be a coffee-and-cleaning-to-the-Carter-Family kind of Sunday. I’ll be off to the shop in a bit to hang and steam more vintage, then indulge in a jucy lucy and pitcher at Matt’s with my Pop. I hope you’ve had good weekends, as well, m’dears!



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