how to: remove grease pencil markings

Hey sweethearts,

Today’s how-to is easy peasy, but it’s also super handy!

You’ll need: a bottle of 100-percent acetone (found with the nail polish remover) and cotton pads or a soft, clean rag

Step one: Dab a little acetone on your cotton or rag.

Step two: Give the markings a little rub and watch them vanish!

Annnnd, you’re done! This little trick works for taking grease pencil (also known as wax pencil) prices off the soles of thrifted shoes, glassware, you name it. USE CAUTION, however, when using acetone on painted surfaces, as it can also remove the paint, along with the wax. (Click here to read my post on how to clean vintage luggage.) Do NOT use acetone on finished wood.

I hope you all have lovely afternoons! I’m off to take a quick lunch-hour power walk with Finnie. It’s finally warmed up a bit here in Minneapolis, and I’m craving some fresh air and sunshine.



15 thoughts on “how to: remove grease pencil markings

  1. Ah, nice!!!
    I usually just wash with dish soap.
    This is a great tip for the tougher, dark colored grease pencil marks.
    Know of any way to get them off of fabrics?
    I get so sad when they have ruined a pristine piece by putting a mark inside a purse, etc.

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    • “Jeanne Simatary on January 8, 2013 at 3:07 pm said:
      Any oil will remove them ,even oil from your hair if any and its much safer.”

      You must have some filthy ass hair if you can extract grease from it. Wow.

  3. i work at a coffee chop, and I just put my rag on the burner for about a minute, and the heated cloth rubs that pen right off the cold coffee pots. so get a wet rag, and put it on your coffeemaker burner so that it warms up, then wipe the bottom of that cup. No need for chemicals.

  4. Loved the info, thank you! Do you happen to have any secrets on how to get permanent marker (or maybe it is paint marker, I can’t tell) off of unglazed pottery? I have several pieces I have purchased while on my thrift store adventures that just will not come off. I’ve tried everything from acetone to good off to trying to use sandpaper! Any ideas would be great! Thank you:)

  5. Thank you so much! I got a couple of small mugs at my local Goodwill (they turned out to be worth about $25 each!), but they wrote the price on the bottom. I tried Magic Erasers, but that didn’t work. I’ll grab some of this at the store tomorrow. I was so upset that they had messed up these very unique mugs, but now I can fix them :)

  6. Love your site… Thank goodness my girlfriend taught me how to shop for bargains. If a person does not have acetone, I just tried wd-40 on a paper towel, worked great, and was probably less harsh on the plastic CD case I was removing the price from…BTW like new $0.25…my kind of price….

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