recently thrifted

baldwinfindsAs promised, here are my favorite finds from Treasures of the Heart, clockwise from top: Impeccable vintage linens, including these hand-embroidered pieces; old lady cookbooks for my collection; a vintage one-piece for a baby boy; work-appropriate jewelry and a lovely silk scarf and last but not least, a “Marvelous Minnesota” souvenir scarf I think I might frame. (Finds not pictured: a gorgeous mink-trimmed swing coat and a couple leather purses.)

Have you hit any new-to-you thrifts lately? I’d love to hear about your finds!



weekend in wisconsin recap

Hi guys, and happy Monday!

 It’s been a long work day and I’m sort of out of words, but I wanted to pop in quickly and share some snippets from my weekend in Wisconsin with you.

Friday night’s dinner: Baked lemon chicken, potato logs, beans and chocolate pie (not pictured); all recipes (minus the beans) were from Loretta Lynn’s (awesome) cookbook.

My cabin = coziest place on earth.

Treasure hunting at a small town thrift store.

Pretty view of Lake Superior’s south shore.

Wisconsin Bloody Marys, I miss you so.

Dairy Queen pit stops…there were two.

My favorite lady country singer, who we saw perform from the third freakin’ row. It took me four songs to stop crying from happiness…it was literally like a dream.

And last, but not at all least, three days straight with this guy, who isn’t embarrassed to road trip with a lady in rollers apparently, bless his heart. After four years together, he still treats me like a treasure (even when I act like a turd). And that’s just one of the many, many, many, many reasons why I love him so.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends as well, and that your (short) week’s off to a stupendous start. Be back here tomorrow with a lovely list of links I’ve been diggin’.



P.S. Photos in this post were taken with VSCO Cam.

this weekend is going to be a good time

It’s finally Friday friends! We made it! This weekend is exceptionally exciting because today, I’m heading up to my family’s lake house with my honey. And tomorrow?  We’re road trippin’ to a part of my home state I’ve never visited, my favorite coal miner’s daughter, Loretta Lynn. My sweetheart surprised me with tickets…THIRD ROW TICKETS…as an early birthday present.
Keeper much? I’d say so. Besides seeings Loretta, we don’t have much of an agenda, which I’m perfectly OK with. I’m hoping to stop at some of my favorite thrifts on the way up 35-W and I wouldn’t mind trying the beer at this little brewery in Ashland when we drive through there, but we’ll see how it goes. After such a busy week (month?), it’s going to be nice to not be in any kind of rush.
I wish you all wonderful weekends! See you all back here on Monday?
P.S. The photo of Loretta was found on this blog. It was taken the moment she got word she had been been accepted into the Grand Old Opry.

she get it from her mama

I didn’t get an Easter basket this year. Instead, on Easter Sunday, my mom gifted me this beautiful dress. She found it at our favorite up north thrift that’s right across the street from our favorite up north pie shop. (Blueberry pie is kind of a big deal up there.)

It cost a whopping $1.50.

How a dress from fancy pants Neiman Marcus wound up in little ole Iron River (population 1,059) is a bit beyond me. A little digging led me to discover that CB II by Castleberry was an ’80s trademark owned by Leslie Fay Inc., a label you’ll see often at thrifts. Unlike Neiman Marcus.

What I love about this dress…the way the pattern switches from horizontal to vertical and then back to horizontal (is there a fashion-y word to describe this? If so, I don’t know what that word is!), the cinched 3/4-length sleeves and the sash-y belt at the waist. It’s always a bonus when you score a cute dress with the original matching belt. It’s like a mound of Cool Whip on top of a blueberry pie á la mode. Pie + ice cream = great, but pie + ice cream + Cool Whip = even greater. Same with vintage dresses and their matching belts.

Thank you for this sweet dress mama! I’ll take thrifted finds from you over a basket full of chocolate any day. (Iron River blueberry pie on the other hand…)



P.S. If you like this dress, I found a similar one, also by CB II, on Etsy.

weekend road trip


Since I’ll be working Thanksgiving weekend at the shop, I’m heading home today to squeeze in a little family time. I’m looking forward to bundling up and walking along the beach, a lunch date with my momma at our favorite soda fountain (I dream of their chicken salad sammy & mocha malts), buying way too much wine and homemade frozen marinara sauce at Tenuta’s, breakfasting at this amazing little dive, digging through my mom’s recipe box for a fun giveaway Rae and I have planned for the Dec. 10th sale and of course, thrifting as much as my bank account will allow. Hitting all the stores I used frequent in my younger days brings back so many good, fun memories I seriously am so excited. Fingers crossed I’ll have tons of good finds to share with you all next week. In the meantime, have wonderful weekends!



weekend road trip

This weekend, I took a drive to Wisconsin to visit my mom & thrift my fanny off in my hometown. With only a couple of weeks until the sale, I was a bit hesitant to go, since my to-do list is ultra scary, but occasionally, I crave a road trip like you would not believe. And this weekend was one of those times.

Sadly, much of the 14-hour round-trip drive looked a lot like this…Rainy, rainy, rainy. Gray, gray, gray.

Saturday, I got up and thrifted like crazy. I went to a bunch of my favorite spots from when I was in high school and had major luck. How hilarious is this sign at the register at the Salvation Army?

Here’s a pretty find from the morning…an extremely soft, creamy white, hand-tooled leather handbag from Mexico. I want to keep it, but am probably going to sell it. *sniff* It’s the nicest size and in impeccable shape. So lovely.

After thrifting north of town, I met my mom at home and she drove us to some more stores in northern Illinois (Gurnee, to be exact). On the way, we passed the reason for my crazy asthma…the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant, which generates 13 percent of all of Wisconsin’s electricity, but also puffs out 8.6 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. Yucks.

The thrifts in Gurnee were all complete dumps. Imagine: diaper-y smell, dim lighting, hoards of kids, dirty merchandise. All around nasty and stupidly expensive.  After a couple of (discouraging) stops, we were shopped out. We headed home, I washed a bunch of my thrifted goodies, we ordered Chinese, watched “American Masters” and called it a day.

The drive home was uneventful, with just a couple pit stops for gas, one of these and some smoked string cheese for my honey. I did see this little guy, tied up in the rain outside a gas station, however. Random, right?

All in all, it was great (albeit quick) trip home, and I anticipate another one in my near future.

(All the pics for this post were taken with this app, btw.)

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Hit up any thrifts? I hope it was a lovely one, whatever y’all were up to!