clickin’ around, vol. 50


I couldn’t stop scrolling through these impeccable pairings of fashion and art and photography. Seriously entrancing eye candy.

Meow, this video has the sweetest ’60s sex-kitten vibe. Totally adorable.

There’s something so soothing about this floral wall art DIY from Sincerely, Kinsey. It’d be a super fun photo backdrop for a garden party, yes?

The entrepreneur in me loves seeing where these famous fast-food chains got their start. (LOL Pizza Hut!)

This dog-baking-a-Bundt video had me in stitches today. Too cute not to share.

In case you were wondering, this is what I’ll be snacking on when I spend some quality time with Netflix this weekend. (With some popcorn on the side, too, duh.)

Speaking of the weekend, here’s hoping you have an absolutely wonderful one! Mine is shaping up to be a mix of concerts, freelance, chores and couch-time. (Just how I like it.)



Photo c/o: beth delsey's pinterest.

social circuit: dec. 6-8

weekendcollage2FRIDAY // Get Nailed at b. Resale // 6-9 p.m. // 2613 Nicollet Ave. S. // Minneapolis
Grab your girls and buzz over to b. Resale tonight to get your party-nail on with freelance artist KNZ. $3 will get you a super-cute accent nail or charm (sample mani pics here), but browsing b.’s stellar second-hand stash is 100% free. RSVP here to secure a spot!

SATURDAY // Antique Appraisals at Hope Chest for Breast Cancer // 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. // 3850 Shoreline Dr. // Wayzata
Ever thrift something super old and wonder how much it’s really worth? Industry vet Mike Kranz from Midtown Antiques will be offering up appraisals for $5 a pop tomorrow at Hope Chest, with proceeds going to a breast-cancer patient in need. (Please bring photos of larger items like furniture, etc.)

SUNDAY // Ship & Shape’s Holiday Pop-up at Mille // 12-5 p.m. // 316 W. 48th St. // Minneapolis
I was ticked to miss Ship & Shape’s June pop-up, so there’s absolutely no way I’m not heading to Mille this Sunday. Gift-shopping’s my primary interest, and with one-of-a-kind, jewelry, ceramics, housewares and stationery sets for sale, I’ll have no problem crossing a lot of (lucky) folks off the ol’ list.

Have a weekend sale, show or event you’d like to see included in an upcoming Social Circuit? Hit me up at with the details!



Images and illustration c/o: Kat Preston / Get Nailed / Ship & Shape

this weekend is going to be a good time

It’s finally Friday friends! We made it! This weekend is exceptionally exciting because today, I’m heading up to my family’s lake house with my honey. And tomorrow?  We’re road trippin’ to a part of my home state I’ve never visited, my favorite coal miner’s daughter, Loretta Lynn. My sweetheart surprised me with tickets…THIRD ROW TICKETS…as an early birthday present.
Keeper much? I’d say so. Besides seeings Loretta, we don’t have much of an agenda, which I’m perfectly OK with. I’m hoping to stop at some of my favorite thrifts on the way up 35-W and I wouldn’t mind trying the beer at this little brewery in Ashland when we drive through there, but we’ll see how it goes. After such a busy week (month?), it’s going to be nice to not be in any kind of rush.
I wish you all wonderful weekends! See you all back here on Monday?
P.S. The photo of Loretta was found on this blog. It was taken the moment she got word she had been been accepted into the Grand Old Opry.

happy friday!

“My clothes are all ragged / my goodwill coat’s not the best /
And I’m a walking on cardboard in my last dollar dress.”

I heard this song on the radio yesterday morning and was hooked after the first line. Gotta love a song that talks about a Goodwill coat in the first verse, especially when it’s sung by the queen of rockabilly herself, Wanda Jackson. I hope you all the most wonderful of Fridays!



i got the washday blues

If Moe Bandy can sing about Hank Williams writing his life, can I just put it out there that Dolly Parton sings mine? Okay, cool. The song that’s my theme for this weekend? This little gem, Washday Blues.
(Please do take a listen.)

Lyrical highlights…

Just rubbin’ and a scrubbin’ and a raisin’ ’em out

I gotta hang ’em out early i hope the sun comes out

(wash ’em out ring ’em out hang ’em on the line

Get a little tired just think about the good times) washday blues

Oh how I adore you Dolly.

Anyway, on the off chance you need me, I’ll be at home, listening to country music, doing load after load after load after load after load after load after load of laundry.

Glamour…my life is overflowing with it.

I hope you have super fun weekends cupcakes!



P.S. Have I told you yet I’m seeing Ms. Parton herself in a little under two weeks? Yeah. You can expect to hear a lot more on that real soon…

weekend to dos

♥ do some laundry (see above)

♥ make more tags (blerg!)

♥ bake this bread (yumm!)

♥ hem a crap-ton of dresses with Andrea

♥ walk Finnie x 2 (extra credit if I *wash* Finnie)

♥ write my guest post for this lovely lady

♥ go see these gals at the Green Gifts Fair

♥ clean, clean, clean, clean

♥ yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga

Umm…this list is shaping up to be very chore-centric…me no likey. What’s on your agenda for this weekend? Hopefully a few more fun activities than moi! : )