giveaway: win this set of vintage styling manuals!

Morning dolls!

How ’bout we start this week off with a fun giveaway? This gorgeous set of Style Me Vintage books is chock-full of handy tips, tricks and how-tos for creating authentic vintage looks from head to toe. And the winner of the giveaway is going to receive all three!

♥ The makeup manual walks you through creating iconic looks from the 1920s through the ’80s, and uses muses like Marilyn, Madonna, Audrey and Twiggy as guides. The photos are just lovely and the tutorials are clear and easy to follow. I love the bonus section on how to do period manicure styles at home!

 The hair guide breaks down styles like ’40s-era Victory rolls, Marilyn’s hot roller set and Brigitte’s classic beehive with step-by-step instructions. There’s even a section on accessorizing your hair with scarves—for cute!

 And last but not least, the clothes guide is an educational gem that drops all kinds of knowledge on dating vintage pieces, reading labels and buying for quality. Chapters define what shapes, influences and looks dominated each era, ranging again from the ’20s to the ’80s. Outfit photos that illustrate “informal” and “formal” looks from each decade are supplemented with shopping lists, which I found super helpful for shopping my own closet. I also found the accessorizing guides useful when trying to identify what time period some pieces of thrifted jewelry I own was from.

To enter to win all three books, simply leave a comment on this post telling me who your vintage style icons are. (Bonus entries awarded for tweets!) I’ll choose a winner on Thursday night and alert them before I leave town on Friday.

Best of luck dearies!



what goes around comes around: mix & match nails


 I can’t help but roll my eyes a tiny bit when I witness arguments about who started what fashion or beauty trend when or who did it first. If you love, study and shop for vintage like I do, you already know the secret: Nothing’s really ever “new.” In the spirit of celebrating the resurrection and reinterpretation of vintage trends, I thought I’d start calling out examples when I see ’em. Sounds fun right?

I thought I’d start with a beauty trend I love, the mix and match mani. The gorgeous “stained glass” nails pictured above were photographed by Saul Leiter for the November, 1960 edition of Bazaar. Now, 50 years later, you can barely scroll through a beauty blog without seeing a reference to ombre or mix & match manis. (Ex. one, two & three.)

I guess JT was right.

I’m off to primp for a very overdue lady date with this sassy lass. I can’t wait!



style magic: stevie nicks

Yesterday afternoon, I found this video of a fresh-faced Stevie Nicks, singing backstage as she gets her makeup done before an appearance in 1981. And in between now and then,  I’ve probably watched it 13,000 times.

I love how comfortable and happy she seemed. Something about how she couldn’t keep herself from singing, even when she’s sitting in the makeup artist’s chair, really just made me happy. Anyway, watching it made me want to track down more images of her from this era of her life.  You know, the “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”/Wild Heart era. When her off-stage style was more relaxed than the over-the-top gypsy looks she favored while performing.

{Click the images to go to the sources.}

If you don’t agree that she was insanely gorgeous, I’d say you’ve been smokin’ it. Also, I think I’ve officially developed a major thing for that late ’70s hair, as already documented here. Anyway, I hope you all have wonderful Tuesdays!