before & after: cabin furniture edition

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAll excuses aside, the summer of 2014 was not a banner season for DIYs. My most significant undertaking—reupholstering a set of vintage furniture that’s been at my family’s cabin for eons—wasn’t actually mine at all. I outsourced it to a pro, Helen Miller of Miller Upholstering. With a reputation for great work and love for vintage designs, tasking Helen with this project was a total no-brainer.

While it took convincing to get some members of my family on board with the reupholstering vs. buying new, Helen got it from the get-go. She immediately recognized the set’s manufacturer (Cushman’s Colonial Creations), and went the distance when it came to finding fabric samples in line with the furniture’s unique design (drums, drumsticks and eagles) and our utilitarian needs (stain and sun resistance, etc.). Fearlessly, she sewed 10 cushions based on my, MEGHAN’S, measurements. And you know what? They fit perfectly.

When all was said and done, on the couch I went with a stain and waterproof navy fabric for the base cushions and a large, buffalo-style check for the uppers…please note how the plaid lines up perfectly (thanks, Helen!).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe chairs got the same durable base, and Federal-era cream and navy rose print uppers.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 presetAll in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product or the process. If your vintage or thrifted furniture is in need of upholstery assistance, and you want to work with a lady who gets it and who will go beyond to give you the best possible service, look Ms. Miller up. (She’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too!)



cabin crafts

photo 2(1)I took today off work to run some errands and get organized for a long weekend up north. My goal is to spend loads of time there this summer/fall, so to make all the back-and-forth as easy as possible, I’m bringing some essentials to leave up there, allowing me to pack light week-in, week-out. Since it’s such an inspiring, beautiful place, of course I had to assemble a little craft kit, so if a rainy day hits, or I find myself up too early (or late), I’ll be able to work on some projects.

Here are a few crafts I’ve been eying that require a minimal number of supplies and that can rely on, or benefit from, the abundance of natural materials surrounding the cabin. The best part is most of them would be handy to keep up there!

cabin craftsClockwise from top: birch bark canoe by Lil Fish Studios // god’s eye DIY via Free People // twisted turban headband via eHow // spray-painted lids via Yadira’s Craft Adventures // pine cone garland via I’m Not Sure Where

If you have ideas for projects that’d be good to tote up north, please do let me know. Now, back to packing!



weekend in wisconsin recap

Hi guys, and happy Monday!

 It’s been a long work day and I’m sort of out of words, but I wanted to pop in quickly and share some snippets from my weekend in Wisconsin with you.

Friday night’s dinner: Baked lemon chicken, potato logs, beans and chocolate pie (not pictured); all recipes (minus the beans) were from Loretta Lynn’s (awesome) cookbook.

My cabin = coziest place on earth.

Treasure hunting at a small town thrift store.

Pretty view of Lake Superior’s south shore.

Wisconsin Bloody Marys, I miss you so.

Dairy Queen pit stops…there were two.

My favorite lady country singer, who we saw perform from the third freakin’ row. It took me four songs to stop crying from happiness…it was literally like a dream.

And last, but not at all least, three days straight with this guy, who isn’t embarrassed to road trip with a lady in rollers apparently, bless his heart. After four years together, he still treats me like a treasure (even when I act like a turd). And that’s just one of the many, many, many, many reasons why I love him so.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends as well, and that your (short) week’s off to a stupendous start. Be back here tomorrow with a lovely list of links I’ve been diggin’.



P.S. Photos in this post were taken with VSCO Cam.

iron range adventures

Although I’ve only been up here six-or-so hours, I’m already fairly sure that these next few days in the Iron Range are going to be fun. If you haven’t visited this part of the country before, you’re missing out on some serious gorgeousness. The pit mines are so spectacular, I sought out two different scenic overlooks so I could really soak up the views. I can’t honestly remember the last time I saw water so blue…and don’t get me started on the sky.

Well, I’m off to fire up the whirlpool in my hotel room (!!!) and then catch up on some sleep. My first meeting tomorrow’s at 8 a.m.



weekend agenda…

In a few hours, I’ll be heading up north to the cabin for the weekend. I’m going to spend as much time as possible outside on the water  and as little as possible in front of any kind of computer screen. Yay. For. That. I’m also excited to hit up some Duluth thrifts and estate sales tomorrow morning, too. I’mma crossing my fingers for some good finds…

I hope y’all have wonderful weekends!



P.S. My lady date with Mary last night was absolute perfection. An amazing (no really, it was AMAZING) meal, wine, rooftop star-gazing, classic rock records, more wine, Project Runway…I don’t really think it gets better than that. I took out the ole Instax since it was a special occasion.

saturday scenes

Happy Monday, all! Mind if I share a few scenes from Saturday? Really? Okay then….

I got up waaay too early and thrifted my little fanny OFF. As luck would have it, I found a ton of seriously adorable stuff. Armloads of pretty vintage dresses, some really stand-out housewares and a handful of vintage baby things I tried to resist, but couldn’t. I tried. I really did. Peeks of some of the finds to come later in the week. Whee!

Once I made it up north, I inhaled a burrito the size of Texas and Finnie got fawned over by at least a dozen hippies. (What’s up with all the hippies, Duluth?!) After stuffing myself proper, we made our way to an perfectly desolate beach in Superior. The water’s 20 degrees warmer than average this summer (!!), so swimming wasn’t nearly as jarring of an experience as it normally is.

Once I got to the lake, instant happy hour commencement. Sipping wine to the sound of the creek. Definitely enjoyable.

My Dad was kind enough to humor me with a stop at this amazing junk shop on our way to dinner. I wanted to live there, honestly I did. I am now the proud owner of a super old croquet set, and I’m predicting a Sunday filled with lawn games in my very near future.

After junking, we ate burgers at The Anchor Bar and hurled Trivial Pursuit questions at each other over the din while waiting for our food. Here’s a view from the front door of The Anchor. You can faintly see the lights of the John A. Blatnik Bridge. Love that bridge.

I hope the iPhone photo-heavy post isn’t too irritating. More posts, with “real” pictures coming real soon, promise.

Have you all had good days? Mine has been equally productive and positive, two amazing things considering it’s a Monday and all. I hope yours was equally happy!



going up the country

Friday is finally here!

And tonight, I’m getting the heck out of the city. I’m heading up north for a weekend full of thrifting, picture-taking and hopefully, lots and lots of swimming, sunning, walking and reading. You know, pretty much all of my favorite things. I’ve been a bit of a crabby Sally the past few days, but have faith that time in the woods will bring my outlook back to it’s usual Pollyanna-ish state.

But before I go, I’m happy to announce the winners of the “Super Friends” giveaway. Congrats to Anna from A Banana Medley and Lisa from Making Electricity! Send me your mailing addresses gals, and I’ll drop your zines in the mail on Monday.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends everyone!


photo tour: marge’s this & that

Hi, hi, hi!

When it comes to finding thrift stores in new towns, I’m like a fat kid in a diabetic’s kitchen—somewhere, behind the Splenda and zucchinis, there’s a Snickers bar, and I’m fixin’ to find it.

I think this trait is somewhat genetic, because whenever I’m hanging out with my mom, within the first 20 minutes, we’re inevitably talking about any and every  thrift stores within a 25-mile radius. The woman has her shit down. (Sorry for the cuss Mama!) This conversation is usually accompanied by a show-and-tell/fashion show, during which she shows off her latest finds—most recently, it was an Aussie-made, safari-ready duster jacket. (Which kind of reminded me of this.) The apple and the tree. They’re not so distant from one another on this.

So naturally, within minutes of being at our family’s cabin, Marmee had to fill me in on a couple of thrifts a few miles off in Iron River, Wisconsin. The very next morning, Mary & I trekked on over to find our intended destination (The Fig Leaf Thrift Store) closed, but the shop next door, Marge’s This & That, very much open. It’s a magical place, Marge’s.

Mary summed it up best (as she commonly does):

“This store really is this and that.”

C’mon a photo tour with me. It’ll be fun.

There was a whole wall of knick-knacks. I found a fawn. It was exciting.

Half-a-rack of circa-1990s/1980s invitations, thank-you notes and greeting cards.

Bible Trivia, “where trivia is not trivial.” I so should have bought this.

This phone is amazing.

American Apparel’s scrunchies are $6. Marge’s are 25 cents.

His Sexiest Musks, next to a ‘roided up Bod Man.

Enema and saline solution, douche and sunscreen, hair dye and toothpaste. Happily ever after on the shelves at This & That.

I’ve started collecting mugs that say things I’m not. I got one here that says “My daughter’s a Delta!”

What else would you buy in a place like this? Well, let me tell ya! A package of five toothbrushes for $1, a handful of vintage hankies, the fawn, the mug, a bitchin’ ’80s backpack and a sweet old bandanna is what.

Anyway, if you’re ever up that way, stop in and say hi to Marge. She’s kind of a crab, but it’s cool. Because her store, as you saw, rocks.

Marge’s This & That

7540 US Highway 2

Iron River, Wisconsin 54847

Thanks to Mary for sharing a couple of her pics…



wisconsin weekend: scenery

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I finally got around to going through some of the photos I took up north in Wisconsin over the 4th of July holiday. It was nice to be surrounded by non-city scenery for a couple of days.

(Click to enlarge, if you wanna!)

I’ll be posting another thrifting-related set of pics from that trip later this week. Going through all of them has gotten me excited to plan another getaway up there soon.



my weekend in instax: a summary in 4 parts

Ah, Monday. You’ve finally arrived, killing the buzz of an extended weekend. SIGH.

What is it anyway about coming back from a trip that makes one feel both equally energized and exhausted? I’m not sure whether I should start tackling my mile-long list of chores, my overflowing Inbox or just say to hell with it all, and find the nearest bed and nap away the entire afternoon. I’m leaning towards the latter, I’m not gonna lie.

While I mull it over, enjoy these Instax snippets from my weekend up north. I saw a lot of these four things over the past few days…

open country roads,

the lake,

flowers, flowers and more flowers,

and teeny tiny small towns.

What did you see a lot of this weekend?