heads up: donate + save deal at Savers and Unique thrift stores


Has the holiday spirit got you feeling generous? If so, round up two bags of reusable clothing or household goods and bring ’em to any Twin Cities-area Savers or Unique thrift stores today, tomorrow or Saturday. In exchange for your donation, you’ll get a coupon for 25% off at Unique (or 30% at Savers) good on any purchase made before January 5, 2013. It’s a pretty enticing offer, especially if you’re like me and have a full bag (or four) of clothes to donate at the ready. (And don’t forget, if you get your receipt for your contribution, you can still write it off on this year’s taxes!) I’m planning on using my coupon for a last-minute emergency shopping trip…or maybe an after-Christmas spree when I want to stock up on decor, etc. for next year. If you go this weekend and get a coupon, let me know what you plan on using it for!



heads up: 1/2 off at St. Paul’s Unique Thrift

Morning dears!

Feel like doing a little mid-week thrifting? What about paying half-price for your entire purchase? Well today, when you flash your “I M Unique” card at the Unique Thrift on Rice Street in St. Paul, you’ll save 50% on your entire purchase! Sweet! The store’s open from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (find a map and driving directions here) and don’t forget, this offer’s good only at the Rice Street Unique.  (Check out my take on this thrift right here.)




thrifting trip: burnsville loop

When I leave work feeling like a crabbed-out stress case, there’s one thing that can always make me feel better: Shopping. Thrift-store shopping, to be exact. I wait until traffic dies down, and then grab my iPod, some water and hit the road. While most of my favorite thrift trips are all-afternoon adventures, I’ve got a few routes down that can easily be done after work (even if you’re a 10-6-er like me).

This one, back and forth to Burnsville, is one of my ole stand-bys for those nights when retail therapy is most definitely required. I like to head south on 77 (Cedar Avenue) so I can hit the Savers that’s barely in Apple Valley. Then I cut across to Burnsville on Cty. Rd. 42 which leads you directly to the Unique and Salvation Army stores. (Pro tip: If you’re stretched for time, just hit the Unique and Salvation Army in Burnsville—they’re literally across the street!) From there, you can head back to Minneapolis on Hwy 35W, or cut back to 77 on Highway 13 hitting Antiques Minnesota and the Chap Thrift shop in Burnsville along the way.

(Click the pinpoints to see pics and details like hours, phone numbers, website addresses, etc.!)

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