recently thrifted

Hey all!

So, I’ve been on a bit of an organizing tear lately. During the process, I’ve found that for clutterbugs like myself, trays aren’t a decorating essential…they’re just an essential. Which is exactly why there’s one in nearly every room of my house, ranging from metal to mirrored, rattan to plastic…all thrifted. Here are a couple recent finds…

I saw this bright floral tray at the Savers in Apple Valley and  had to snatch it up. Aluminum or steel trays are the easiest to find thrifting…coming across matching sets isn’t at all uncommon, either. I think this one on its own cost a cool $2.

I feel like this mirrored tray could be right at home in an eight-year-old girl’s princess themed bedroom…and I’m ok with that.  The gold bows are a tad cheeseball, but I think that makes me love it even more. It cost me $3.

Do you decorate with trays? Aren’t they the handiest things ever?

Have a happy night!