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photo(56)It’s my opinion that the best road trips leave you feeling equal parts exhausted and exhilarated. After a quick out-and-back to Nebraska for the Harvest the Hope benefit, my brain is pooped, but my soul, soothed. The full day of music and wonderful company deserve kudos for much of that, but so do the miles of rolling scenery I enjoyed from the cushy comfort of the passenger seat. The picturesque prairie sunsets and acres of crispy farmland reminded me of a beautiful passage of the Stegner masterpiece I’m currently making my way through, so much so that I had to share it here, with you.

“It was very big; she felt she could see a long way, even into the future, and she felt how the world rolled under her. After she had watched the summer plains for a long time, and the smarting under her lids passed, a meadowlark sang sharp and pure from a fencepost, and she began to think that the future into which this new world of her choosing moved with her could hardly be unfriendly, could hardly be anything but good.”

Ugh, Wally, you just get me/it/everything!

Be back soon to share a few of my small-town Salvation Army finds. I scored some really cute stuff!



weekend in wisconsin recap

Hi guys, and happy Monday!

 It’s been a long work day and I’m sort of out of words, but I wanted to pop in quickly and share some snippets from my weekend in Wisconsin with you.

Friday night’s dinner: Baked lemon chicken, potato logs, beans and chocolate pie (not pictured); all recipes (minus the beans) were from Loretta Lynn’s (awesome) cookbook.

My cabin = coziest place on earth.

Treasure hunting at a small town thrift store.

Pretty view of Lake Superior’s south shore.

Wisconsin Bloody Marys, I miss you so.

Dairy Queen pit stops…there were two.

My favorite lady country singer, who we saw perform from the third freakin’ row. It took me four songs to stop crying from happiness…it was literally like a dream.

And last, but not at all least, three days straight with this guy, who isn’t embarrassed to road trip with a lady in rollers apparently, bless his heart. After four years together, he still treats me like a treasure (even when I act like a turd). And that’s just one of the many, many, many, many reasons why I love him so.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends as well, and that your (short) week’s off to a stupendous start. Be back here tomorrow with a lovely list of links I’ve been diggin’.



P.S. Photos in this post were taken with VSCO Cam.

power-hour thrifting, vegas edition

Hey hunnies!

Did you know I’m in Las Vegas for a work conference this week? Well, I am. It’s my first time here, and the word I’m going to use to sum it up is: bonkers. It’s seems to be a place where if you have any kind of a weakness—sex, gambling, partying, shopping—you can totally get destroyed. I don’t know…maybe it’s my Baptist upbringing and all those hours of Sunday school I have under my belt, but a lot of it most of it just seems kind of yuck. Plus, I’m just too thrifty, and everything here seems way ‘spensive. Except for the beers, which are practically free.

Anywho, after today’s work-fest ended, I needed to get the heck off the strip. And as the total cheapskate I am, I wanted to hit up a grocery store or take-out joint to find some cheap din-din, too. When I saw a Savers store, I had to stop, even if it was in the most busted of strip malls, across from The Gun Store (TRY ONE!) and next door to a Wal-Mart. It’s weird, but there’s something so comforting to me about thrifting when I’m out-of-town. Thrift shops are all essentially the same—the crazy old ladies, bright florescent lighting, cranky moms scolding their kids—and being in them makes me less homesick, I think.

I was only there for a quick minute, but I did find some pretties, including a sweet lace dress from the ’60s. It has a lovely, gracefully shaped satin collar and buttons and the condition is just unreal. It’s one of those dresses that looks like a skirt/blouse combo, but is actually a one-piece. Sa-woon.

I also found a cute little duck glass for my man and a cozy/cute ’90s sweater for his daughter. Nothing major, but some nice little finds nonetheless. On my way back to the hotel, I grabbed a $5 bottle of Bella Sera (there are slot machines in the liquor stores!!) and a $4 bean burrito. It was sooooo good.

So, yeah. There you have it.  A Monday night in Las Vegas, Meghan-style. Some thrifting, wine and a dinner that costs less than an Abraham Lincoln. And now, I’m off to get ready for a little work thing happening at the Wynn. I dread the thought of putting on my heels again, but I’mma do it. I heard there’s a ’70s cover band playing and goodness knows, I love getting down to some classic rock.



P.S. Dang chicas, thanks for all the love you’ve given the Kayd Design cocktail ring giveaway! You have until Friday to comment and tweet about it, so if you haven’t yet, get on it. We’re giving away two rings, and you get to pick which one you want!!

on the brain: winter getaway apparel

Hi, and happy Friday!

So, my girl Mary and I are making plans for a little winter getaway. The two requirements for this trip? Our destination has to be hot and the whole shebang needs to be done on the cheap. And of course, the planner in me is already saving up ideas of things to wear while we’re on our sunny, tropical vacay.

These looks from Strummer hit the spot.



Do you all have winter travel plans? Any tips on where to find affordable vacation deals? I’m all ears!



chicago trip picture dump

Oh boy, Chicago was a total ball. I took a gillion photos of the things I loved. Including…

Our visit to Chess Records. This is the room where Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Etta James, Buddy Guy, Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, The Rolling Stones and countless other blues and rock ‘n’ roll greats recorded.

And here’s a wall filled with casts of faces of blues legends.

Walking around Millennium Park & taking the obligatory photo of ourselves in the bean.

Enjoying the gorgeous views from our hotel room.

Seeing Iggy & the Stooges!!!!!!!

And after that, going to the Green Mill for jazz.

Taking late-night train rides.

And last but not  definitely not least, spending time with the handsomest man on the planet.

It was such a fun trip, and I can’t wait to have another little adventure with my sweetheart.

Be back soon…