thrifting mission: find some new yoga clothes

I’ve recently become addicted to grown awfully fond of practicing hot yoga at a wonderfully friendly studio in Uptown called Moksha Yoga. While I absolutely LOVE what it’s been doing for my heinie and my insomnia, washing my gross, sweaty gear every other day was a time-consuming drag. I looked online for new clothes for about a minute-and-a-half, but when I saw $48 shorts and $108 hoodies, I almost fell out of my chair. So, I did what I always do. Went to the thrift store!

Since the idea of sweating my tatas off in clothes that have already been worn by some other broad skeeves me slightly, I hopped over to the underground Target (aka the Target Basement) at the downtown Salvation Army Family Store, which is, if you’re not familiar, filled with brand spankin’ new merchandise. As expected, I found exactly what I was looking for. From roll-over top yoga pants to super light running shorts to tops to T’s to sports bras to plus-sized gear, this place has got it all. And everything’s super sensibly priced!

Here’s what $45 (three dollars less than the aforementioned shorts!) bought me…

Two towels (so totally necessary for hot yoga), a neon pink sports bra (the only neon color I can tolerate), THREE pairs of shorts, a raspberry colored cropped sweatshirt and an extra-long baby blue hoodie (because I freeze on my way home from class if I forget a sweatshirt). The bonus part is that five of the eight items I came home with are PINK. Yesssss.

I’m set for a while, I think, right? Thrifting mission: complete.

Namaste y’all!



P.S. There’s one more day to enter the Girls Got Rhythm Fest ticket giveaway. I’m picking the lucky winner tomorrow after 5 p.m.!

quick look: u of m’s reuse center

Hi all!

Last week, my co-worker Drew and I visited the University of Minnesota’s Reuse Center…the place where cast-offs from campus go to die. Or be re-sold to thrifty shoppers like Drew and me. The week prior, Drew had found a large vintage Steelcase desk for $25 (similar ones sell on eBay for nearly a grand!!) and an Art Deco-y filing cabinet, also by Steelcase, for $40 ($10 per drawer) for his home office. I tagged along with him to see what I could find for the shop. It was hard to get many decent photos because it’s really dark and warehouse-y but hopefully you’ll get the gist.

What we saw…desks, office chairs (take your pick for $9), adding machines, overhead projectors, a fridge, free shelves stocked with filing folders and binders, lockers, a mailbox, white boards, chalk boards, a hospital dolly, books and records, filing cabinets, rolling tables, a spotlight they found in the rafters of Nortrop Auditorium, wire shelving, paper filing systems, conference tables, a chest freezer and tons of other very miscellaneous stuff, including patriotic coolers and this board game I totally played at sleepovers in the ’90s. Everything was priced really reasonably.

What I bought…a barely used boom box with double cassette player (mixed tape anyone?), two large steel-framed mirrors for the store ($20 a piece), an old milk bottle to use as a vase ($2) and a circa 1981 Iowa license plate to give to Rae ($1).

The University of Minnesota’s Reuse Center is open to the public on Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can keep up with what’s arrived recently here and become a fan on Facebook here. If you go, be sure to bring cash or checks…they don’t accept credit cards.

Hope you all have wonderful Tuesdays!