recently thrifted

Late Friday afternoon, I scooped my Mama up from the airport and made a beeline for her favorite thrift-store in the Twin Cities—ARC’s Value Village in Richfield. For nearly eight years, my brother lived a scant mile from this store, and let me tell you, it didn’t take long for a trip to “that nice thrift store down the road” to become an essential part of my Mom’s itinerary whenever she came to town. Now that he’s moved a little further north, I knew she’d appreciate a quick pop-in to her beloved old haunt. We spent less than an hour making the rounds of the bustling store, but I still managed to do quite a bit of damage. Here are a few of my favorite finds!

high plains thrifter // jello molds

high plains thrifter // mold

I blame this Southern Living piece for my new obsession with Jello molds. Mom also pointed out that the shiny silver one would serve wonderfully as an ice mold in a bowl of punch. Great point, Momma!

high plains thrifter / tin bowls I picked up these aluminum bowls to serve as props for work, but that didn’t stop me from serving afternoon snacks out of them today.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset high plains thrifter // sandals My love for granny sandals knows no bounds. Both of these pairs are the epitome of comfortable with ultra-cushy soles and sensible strap situations.

high plains thrifter // cocktail napkinshigh plains thrifter / cocktail napkins How could I pass up this bundle of cocktail napkins? I’m easily smitten with cheery ditzy prints and bright colors.

high plains thrifter // purse This Italian-made leather satchel is the bag I’ve been looking for. The style reminded me instantly of this J.W. Hulme Legacy bag I’ve coveted for eons, but could never justify buying. I also picked up this striped tank during our trip to Value Village, and I can already tell it’s going to be a staple this summer. I love the lace straps and stretchy material.

high plains thrifter // cowyboy boots Last but not least, can we talk about these boots? I spotted them from afar, and when I got closer, could not believe my eyes when I saw they were in the eight-and-a-half section. I picked them up, partly skeptical, partly overjoyed, and was like, “no way these are going to fit,” considering how cowboy boots can often look deceptively small. Lo and behold, they fit like a glove, making me the world’s happiest cowgirl.

Also found, but not pictured, a cream deadstock silk blouse from Carson Piere Scott. It has the most delicate pearl beading and details—so perfect for work. I also brought home a tan, long-sleeved Levi’s button-down to layer over dresses and tanks. (My Mom, no surprise, was content to look and not buy, given her jam-packed suitcase situation. She also remarked how much the prices had gone up since her last visit, an opinion I can’t disagree with.)

If you’ve been out thrifting lately, I hope you’ve had just as much luck AND fun as I had Friday.



pinned it, made it: bejewelled beanie

Pinned this

Bejewelled Beanie

and then made my own!

high plains thrifter // diy bejewelled beanie

It was seriously so easy. Plus, all the supplies (except the needle and thread) were thrifted! The never-worn hat was found at the new Nicollet Avenue Goodwill for $1.99. The necklace turned beanie bling is from the Salvation Army Family Store, also on Nicollet, and cost $2.99. Staying glitzy (and warm) in the midst of this never-ending polar vortex? Priceless. Many, many thanks to Fran of Fall for DIY for the inspiration!

Stay warm, my dears!



P.S. Do you save your DIY or craft ideas on Pinterest? If so, leave your board address in a comment so I can follow along. I’d love to see what’s inspiring you!

recently thrifted

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I shared some thrifted finds with y’all! Truthfully, I’ve been on a bit of a “look, but don’t buy” kick, as I continue to edit my belongings (and stick to my budget). That said, here are a few functional items that’ve made the cut.

 The graceful lines and mid-century-like starbursts on this vase sold me. Found for $2 at the New to You Thriftique in Golden Valley.high plains thrifter // recently thrifted

 I finally bought pillows for a pair of handmade lace-covered pillow cases I thrifted at Bibles for Missions oh, about three years ago. They were 25 cents a piece (the prices at that place are nuts!).Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

 I scored two ’30s-era Ovenex Starburst-patterned muffin tins at a neighborhood church rummage sale for 50 cents a pop. I gave ’em a workout this morning, whipping out some Cream Cheese-Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread bites for our snow-day brunch. (Both plates pictured are thrifted too.)

high plains thrifter // recently thrifted

 My boyfriend thought our old coin jar was too small, so I was “okay Mr. Moneybags!” and got this canister for him and his (never-ending supply of) spare change. Found at the Salvation Army Family Store in Burnsville for $2.99.

high plains thrifter // recently thrifted

I bought this fruit bowl made by Royal China Jeannette at the Savers on Lake Street for $3.99. (The hand embroidered tablecloth was purchased at Treasures From the Heart in Baldwin, Wisconsin last April.) They look good together, no?

high plains thrifter // royal china jeannette I’ll never have enough vases (or things that can act as vases), which is why this circa-1975 souvenir glass from the Treasure Chest Gift & Thrift earned a spot in my cabinet…I think it was $1? P.S. I got that freesia for my Thanksgiving table!!!

high plains thrifter // thrifted finds

Another find from the Savers on Lake Street, this covered basket/nest for our (many) remotes (it was $1.99). The verdict’s still out on whether or not the boyfriend will adopt this store-the-remotes-in-the-basket system. If it’s a fail, to the rummage-sale pile it goes!

high plains thrifter // basketHave you thrifted anything you’re stoked about? If so, I’d love to hear what you’ve found and how you’re putting it to use!



peach things

Been into collecting pretty peach things lately, or so it seems.

Even if a thrift’s a total dud, I can practically always find a scarf I like enough to bring home. This one was 50 cents at Salvation Army and it’s 100-percent silk.

The softly scalloped placket sold me on this drape-y silk blouse, another Salvation Army find.

Exquisite peach ranunculus, courtesy of Bastian + Skoog’s ridiculously charming PEANUTCART. (Such brains those ladies have, my goodness.)

I hope your hump day is, well, peachy!



recently thrifted, up north edition

Hey lovelies, just popping in quickly to share some iPhone snaps of a few up north thrift-store finds.

Top row: Dear Bess, letters from Harry Truman to his wife, Bess // nameplate necklace for Tammy Cracker’s godmother
Middle row: cutest ever fabric remnant // avocado green aluminum fondue set
Bottom row: souvenir program from a 1968 Roger Miller & Andy Williams concert // circle-framed floral etching

Sorry they’re just camera pics…I got home not too long ago and have been stuck at the computer catching up on work emails like crazy. Being away is wonderful and all, but coming home to 150+ emails is not! I have a feeling this week is going to be insanely busy. I’m stepping away from my desk now though to get ready for dinner. We’re capping off our weekend away with Thai food and a country show!



P.S. Photos were taken with my favorite Hipstamatic app.