a few fargo finds

I’m back! After a marathon day of driving and thrifting, thrifting and driving, I got home from Fargo stinky, hungry and too tired to even unload the car. It was worth it though! I went to a lot of sweet new-to-me shops and loved the drive itself—it really was the perfect day for it. Anyway, here are a few things I found….

Other scores not pictured: an over-sized woven beach bag, a super cute ’50s sweater with little Yorkies embroidered onto it, a fringe-y suede vest, lots of dresses, some cool paint-by-numbers, some cute skirts and blouses, a few nice Pyrex casseroles, two sassy pin-up girl crop tops, a lamp for the shop’s dressing room….I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. Anyway, I’ve got to hustle on getting some of the clothes prepped in time for the Mighty Swell sneak peek photo shoot scheduled for Thursday! We have super pretty models lined up and our favorite photographer is shooting them—it should be a really fun night!

Did you get out and thrift or rummage sale this weekend? Find anything awesome?

I hope you all have beautiful days!