t’s for texas


Hey friends! Just popping in to let you know that it might be quiet around here for a few more days, since this afternoon, I’m heading to Texas to celebrate my boyfriend’s grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary (!!!). After a crazy busy couple of weeks, I’m so looking forward to a few days away away with my honey. As usual, we don’t have a ton of plans set in stone, except for a day or two at the beach, a quick trip over the border to Reynosa, Mexico and a drive-by of the Freddy Fender water tower. I hope to squeeze in a few quick thrift-store visits too, of course, but we’ll see how that goes! I’ll be posting lots of pics on Instagram while I’m away, so if you feel like seeing what mischief I’m getting into, find me @highplainsthrifter.

Take care while I’m away, OK?