sunday with sassoon

Making tags is definitely one of the most mundane aspects of running my own vintage business. There’s nothing really fun or glamorous about it, but if I don’t have them on hand, nothing gets priced, which means product doesn’t leave my house…which can make a girl feel a bit crowded (also, batty). I’ve been getting better at making batches in between Mighty Swell sales, my motivation frequently bolstered by the rom coms and documentaries I save to watch while I stamp-stamp-stamp away. This afternoon, I whipped out a slew while watching Vidal Sassoon: The Movie and found myself really inspired by his story and all the beautiful images from his hey day. If you’re interested in ’60s fashion or like learning the back stories of creative entrepreneurs, I recommend giving it a watch. (See the trailer here.) Have you been motivated or inspired by any movies or documentaries recently? Goodness knows I’ll be back at tag-making soon enough and in need of something to watch!