labor day plans: goin’ to the fair

Happy Labor Day sweeties!

Today’s super special, not only because it’s Monday and I’m not at work, but also because my honey & I are going to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, also known as the Minnesota State Fair. And let me tell you, I cannot wait! The past few weeks, local bloggers have been sharing Fair-related miscellany, mostly of the food variety, and it’s gotten me keyed-up for today’s trek to Midway like you wouldn’t believe. Witness…

The Rad Housewife has adorability to spare, this I already all know. So it didn’t surprise me that her & her hubby’s engagement photos, taken at the Fair, are as sweet as a bucket of Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, have you seen a cuter photo?

Beyond the Stick’s an addictive photo blog documenting the daily goings-on at the Fair. I love the caption for this photo: “Summer is here. Nun too soon.”

Photo by Debra Fisher Goldstein, for Beyond the Stick.

Heavy Table, with a stellar team of writers, editors and photographers, is one of my must-read local blogs for all things food-related. This round-up of the top 10 foods gave me new things to look for, and also featured my hands-down  favorite: The Giant Juicy Turkey Sandwich. The unfussy simplicity of this sammy haunts me 364 days of the year. Today it will be mine!

Photo by Katie Cannon, for Heavy Table.

I also plan on seeking out the peaches & cream parfait from Salty Tart Bakery. Fruit desserts are the jam, and this one, written up by loads of local foodies, looks was more appealing than a deep-fried Milky Way. (Simple Good and Tasty featured the recipe for this summery confection here, if you want to give making it at home a whirl.)

Photo by Tom Wallace, for the Star Tribune.

Fair food rules, and I share Girl Friday’s lack of appreciation of the Star Tribune’s list of calories in common deep-friend, fat-filled favorites. Who needs (much less wants) to know that information, really?

Flashing back, here’s one of my photos from my trip to the Fair last year. Stumbling into a room packed with my favorite flower was classified as a definite #win.

As was going down the giant slide. This epic fail of a filming job makes me giggle every time I watch it.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get going over there! I hope to see you all back here tomorrow…I’ve got an extra-special announcement that I can’t wait to share with you. And maybe even a photo or two from our Fair trip. : )

Have fantastic days, dears!