clickin’ around, vol. 36


In the super duper exciting life news department, my very first Vintage Betty post went live over on this week. In it, I shared an easy classic Betty brunch recipe that’s been a family favorite of mine for ages. If you have a minute, please do go check it out!

 Have you guys heard about For the Makers yet? It’s this slick service that delivers materials for four DIYs for the super reasonable price of $29 AND provides online tutorials showing you what you can make with your batch of supplies. Definitely a fab gift idea to squirrel away, I’d say.

 As you all can probably guess, I don’t know squat about fine art. I do know, however, that this installation, made of 50,000 colored plastic balls, is pretty darn awesome to look at.

 This video may be a few weeks old, but it’s powerful and worth a watch. I saw it this week in a work presentation and teared up in two seconds flat.

 On a (much, much) lighter note, I added this Honeycrisp & Bourbon Spiked Cider to my list of Thanksgiving must-makes today. (How cute are those lil stars?) How are your menus coming along?

  If I knew how to work a drill, I’d totally put these shelves with built-in planters up in my bedroom. So brilliant!

 My current home is chock-full of girly everything (hello Dolly Parton themed bathroom!), but I envision a very ’70s vibe for my next home. Which is exactly why I’m saving posts like this one from SF Girl by Bay as deco inspo for my next go around. (On the same topic of decorating, this mood-board how-to on Decor8 knocked my nylons off.)

I hope you all have had wonderful weeks…it’s been a busy one for me, but I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend that’s 100-percent free of work. Fingers crossed I can make it happen!



clickin’ around, vol. 35


 Why is Stevie Nicks doing karate? I don’t really care because these photos are amazing.

Speaking of pictures I love, Nylon mag approved this picture of Amy Adams and so do I.

 What the heck is going on in my home state? (Really though, WTF.)

In other lady news, what do you think of this list of the 10 greatest working-women in pop culture history? Can you guess which one’s my favorite? (Hint: it’s no. 7.)

 I started following Richard Simons on Twitter not too long ago and boy was it a great decision. He’s just so darn peppy, it’s not hard to smile when you read his tweets.

 I’ve been working my slow cooker overtime ever since my oven died. Some recipes I’ll for sure be making again include: Asian Pork with Mushrooms via SkinnytasteDutch Apple Pudding Cake via Better Homes & Gardens and a Beef & Broccoli via Table for Two that gives my favorite Chinese restaurant a run for its money.

Speaking of food, I recently went on an organizing spree over on the ole’ Pinterest, making dedicated boards to bundt cakes, pound cakes and Thanksgiving. I’ve already got plans in the works for boards devoted to pot pies, dogs in costume and other important things of that nature.

How great are these images from a 1957 Better Homes guide to flower arranging? I just want to hang out in those rooms.

 Did you see that a writer from The Cut gave Marilyn Monroe’s diet a try? Bravo to you, lady…I for one, couldn’t stomach all the raw eggs.

 Honest posts like this one from Holly encourage me to keep keeping things real ’round here. Very refreshing.

On the topic of honest bloggers, I read Mary Beth’s post on her journey as a runner start to finish and just wanted to hug her when I was done. Super sweet and inspiring stuff.

And finally, I was so humbled to be featured as a Model Citizen over on MSP’s Style Parlor blog last week. And yes, the only comment on it is from my mom! (Love you!)

Sorry that list got a titch long…there’s a lot of catching up to do, what can I say. I’m out the door to treat my two favorite ladies to a birthday dinner in their honor at a fancy restaurant donwtown. Are you taking advantage of any Restaurant Week deals? There’s still time to if you’ve slacked on arrangement-making!



vintage paper packs

Over the weekend, my friend Andrea and I assembled a bunch of vintage paper packs to sell at Mighty Swell over the holiday season. Each one is one-of-a-kind, but all contain a sweet mix of stationery, postcards, book pages, game pieces and other miscellaneous ephemera I’ve been squirreling away over the years. They’ll make great gifts for any vintage-loving scrapbook-er, art journa-ler, collage artist or stationery nerd. I unearthed some gems while we assembling them. How precious are these little critter cards?

Anywho, that’s just a peek. I’ll be selling them the shop over the holidays for anywhere from $4-7, depending on the size and contents. Gotta love affordable gifts, vintage ones especially!



cover girl

Hello, dears!

The April issue of METRO magazine arrived at our office today and a vintage dress from my inventory is featured on the cover!

You could throw any old thing on that cover girl though and she’d look cute-as-a-freakin’-button. This summer-ready frock, along with a zillion* others needing good homes, will be up for grabs at Mighty Swell’s upcoming Spring Has Sprung event. You know. In case you you were wondering.

Well, I’m off to catch up on some housework and then get going on making this divine-looking dessert. (Thanks for the Bon Appetit subscription, Marmee!) Wish me luck!



*Small exaggeration.

high plains stamp of approval: antler&co.

Hey y’all.

Meet my friends, Greg and Jess.

This fall, they were quite busy. See this cabin in the woods?
They built it.

In addition to constructing their little love-shack-from-scratch (you know, nbd), they also decided to kick out a line of one-of-a-kind housewares, just in time for the holidays. Handmade from shed deer antlers collected in the quiet north woods, every single antler&co. hook, mobile, shelf and tree is an original. They’re also awesome. (Apartment Therapy agrees!)

Each one comes with all the necessary hardware to hang it up and put to use pronto, and can be hung securely on both wood studs and drywall.

I personally would recommend snapping up the modern mobile before they’ve all up and sold. It comes with three little “curiosities,”  and, considering that both Greg & Jess are ridiculously talented photogs and artists, you can be assured that your add-on goodies will be sweet.

Learn more about antler&co.’s entire line here, and keep up with their young buck Twitter-ers over here or on their blog.

Congrats, G & G! I love you both.



P.S. Couple & cabin photos are from Greg’s and antler&co.’s Flickrs. (Hint: Check that shit out, here & here.)

guest blogging at beauty bets

Happy Wednesday, my dears!


As you all know, I’m a pretty frugal gal. But sometimes, even the most thrifty shopper, including myself, needs to splurge. Especially when the happiness of one’s hair is at stake. Hop on over to Beauty Bets today to read up on one of my worth-every-penny wise investments, Moroccan Oil. Honestly, it’s an essential product any woman who uses heat style-rs needs in their get-pretty arsenal.



introducing…mighty swell!

Hi y’all!

It’s my great happiness to introduce you, dear readers, to Mighty Swell, an affordable vintage shopping event, popping up at Umber Studios on October 2 & 3.

Here’s the story: Girl blogger and thrift-store shopping addict starts an Etsy shop. Girl is busy. Like, super busy. Time-consuming shop up-keep quickly gets relegated to back-burner. Girl’s soon up to her ears in adorable vintage and starts to freak out. First girl blogger meets another girl blogger and Etsy seller with similar stresses. The vintage-loving duo team up and a pop-up shopping event, unlike any other in the Twin Cities, is born. A mighty swell idea in their eyes!

Gah, what else to say?!! I couldn’t be more excited about this event! Rae and I are working hard to make Mighty Swell the kind of shopping event we’d want to go to. What would we like to see there? (Wearable vintage from the ’50s to the ’90s!) What price points would we like to see? (Sensible ones!)  What kind of atmosphere? (Unstuffy &  fun!) I’ll be blogging about the planning process as this month progresses…hopefully you won’t mind the occasional update. : )

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, here are all the details you need to know.

When: Saturday, Oct. 2, 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 3, 12-5 p.m.

Where: Umber Studios, 3109 East 42nd Street, Minneapolis

We’re on Facebook & Twitter too!

I would love to see all your pretty faces there!



guest blogging at beauty bets


This Wednesday is going to be beautiful. Wanna know why?

For one, it’s the middle of the work-week. Just a couple more days, and then another blissful weekend will be here. And as you all know, I love my weekends.

For two, it’s the day my weekly beauty column runs over at Beauty Bets. This week, I shared an off-the-menu salon technique that extends the life of summery highlights, and keeps dollars in your pocket. I even show off my greasy roots in the before photo. The things I do for you dear readers, I tell ya! Check out the post here.

For three, I’m finally getting a new garage door! This might not sound like a huge deal, but believe me, it IS. I’ve been without a working garage door for ages, and finally have enough saved to replace it. Yessss!

And last, but not least, Wednesdays = nacho night. Icing on the cake.

Hope your days are fantastic!



guest blogging on beauty bets

Hey lovelies!


Once upon a time, at the ripe old age of 24, I got burnt out on publishing. I needed a break from editing and writing, and took a job at a co-op in St. Paul, working as the buyer in the health and body care department. As the buyer, I spent my days learning about supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and of course, all the lovely beauty products we sold. And although my stint there was short-lived, what I’ve learned has stayed with me.

So, when Elizabeth over at Beauty Bets asked me to do a little post about my top co-op beauty buys for her blog while she’s in Montana, I jumped at the chance. I’m excited to share some of favorites, including my secret to super white teeth (which costs less than $8!). If you haven’t explored her site yet, be sure to spend some time checking it out. It’s a must-read for any beauty product junkie!

Have a beautiful day!!



merci beaucoup, l’etoile!

Hurray! Friday’s finally here!!

Do you have any get-ready-for-the-weekend rituals? I like to plot out which estate sales/flea markets/thrift stores I’m going to visit, paint my nails, stock up on Pacifico and make sure I have enough clean clothes to get me through to Monday.

Additionally, one thing I have to do before Friday rolls around is read L’Etoile‘s round-up of weekend happenings. The intelligently curated list of events highlights the cream of the crop in the art, music, dance and fashion scenes, and perusing it makes narrowing down my weekend plans infinitely easier.

Sooooo, when I spotted my own two feet, along with a little write-up about the ol’ blog, in this week’s Weekend What’s What…well, you can imagine my total surprise/delight/excitement. I think my jaw dropped, no joke!

Click here to read the ditty on High Plains, tucked into a hearty list of summery-fun Twin Cities happenings (Bicycle Film Festival!, Learning Curve Records Fest!, FEAST!, Bastille Day Block Party!). And then add L’etoile to your reader tout de suite. Le duh.

I don’t know how my day can get any better, but I have a feeling it just might.