thrifted ‘fit: britt malec

Hi there!

Yes, I know, you shouldn’t pass judgment on people based solely on their appearance. But when I spotted this fresh-faced gal last weekend, I just *knew* she was cool. And she is! I love how she paired her acid-washed, high-waisted shorts, crisp white blouse and minty belt with those intensely badass, shit-kickers. That trifecta—’90s-girly-grunge-y—is sooo hard to execute, and Miss Britt does it perfectly. (Rhiannon’s also got it down pat, but I pretty much think she’s perfect, so…yeah.)

Anyway, the histories of the pieces of Britt’s thrifty outfit are fantastic, as are her tips for thrift-store shopping (including leads on where to find FREE clothes). I hope you enjoy our little Q & A!

Me: Where did you get all the pieces of your outfit?

Britt: A lot of the clothes I own have a story, so bear with me. My friend’s dad just bought a house in Northeast, Minneapolis and the attic had been sealed since the late 1970s. When he opened it up, he found bags and bags of old yarn and clothing that belonged to the lady who used to live there. This embroidered top was one of the attic finds.

The blue camisole I had on under it, as well as the socks, belong to my best friend. (We treat each other’s rooms as one collective closet.) The shorts are easily my most complimented upon piece of clothing. They used to be pants, but I cut them after I got them from the Savers on Lake Street last month. The boots used to belong to my friend Rachel. She got them from the drummer in her black metal band who got them from his mom. These boots have seen more punk shows than I could possibly imagine. Most of the jewelry I have used to be my mom’s.

Me: Do you have a favorite thrift store in town? Why do you like it?

Britt: I love Savers.  It’s hit or miss most of the time, but I like it because it’s cheap. I just can’t justify spending a bunch of money on clothing. Also, Diggers (aka the Goodwill outlet in St. Paul) is great.  You pay for things by the pound.

Me: Any tips for successful thrifting?

Britt: Persistence. It’s also not a big deal to go into a store and not find anything. There is a lot of surplus in this society. Have a clothing swap with your friends, check the free box at Hard Times Café or Seward Café, look inside dumpsters of apartment complexes. We’ve all heard that old adage: One persons trash is another person’s treasure.

Me: What are some of your dream thrift-store finds, like, what would you freak out if you found?

Britt: I don’t usually have something specific in mind when I go, but it would be really nice to find some brown motorcycle boots. I’ve also had a mini fantasy about going to Savers only to find that some punk decided to sell out and give away all their old Crass T-shirts.

Me: Do you have a prized piece of vintage?

Britt: I have a jumper that I found in this abandoned house in West Bend, Wisconsin. It was a giant mu mu from the ’70s but I loved the pattern and the colors so I took it home, washed it twice and sewed it into a one-sy.

Me: Who’s inspiring your personal style right now?

Britt: I’m inspired by all the grandmas of the world, my Mom’s fashion in the 1990s, Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” and “Tank Girl.” [Yep. Grandmas’ styles rule.]

Me: Do you have a favorite summertime classic rock jam? If so, what is it?

Britt: I have been listening to a lot of Black Sabbath lately. And Bruce Springsteen‘s “Spirits in the Night!” [Yesssss!]

Me: What’s left on your summer to-do list?

Britt: So much swimming! And, a camping trip would be nice. I have also  really wanted to have a barbecue while listening to Thin Lizzy. [Um, can I come? I make crazy good baked beans.]

I hope you all have had great Tuesdays! I’m off to meet up with Rae from Bourbon & Lace to talk about a super exciting plan we’re hatching for September. I wish I could tell you about it now, but I’m going to wait until some of the details have been worked out. So. Dang. Excited.