heads up: black friday thrift store sales


Truth be told, I’m not big into Black Friday. I love me a bargain, but I also love me some sleep…especially on a rare Friday off. And the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to bust down the doors of some mega-chain store? Well, it just doesn’t have that much appeal. But since a fair amount of thrifts have hopped on the Black Friday bandwagon, I feel it my duty to tell you what’s the haps in case you’re out and about shopping on Friday and want to save some money.

Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores
Enjoy big, fat 50% savings on clothing all day on Friday, and special deals like half-off books, etc. announced every hour on the hour between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Friday only, take 25% off all used merchandise.

Hidden Treasures Thrift Store
Take 30% off both Friday and Saturday on everything in the store, including Christmas merchandise.

ARC’s Value Village Stores
All items with a pink tag will be 50% off. Be sure to check out the Merry Thriftmas boutiques while you’re there!

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Stores
Hope Chest stores are celebrating “Pink Friday” with 30% off savings on any item of your choice; 50% discounts on all red-lined merchandise. They’ll also be offering a door buster special of 75% off all china sets between 10 a.m. and noon.

Empty the Nest
Take half-off one item on Friday or Saturday at the new ReHome Center in Burnsville, offer good only with a coupon. (Get signed up for their mailing list ASAP to get coupons and sale alerts.)

Happy hunting!



first impression: the salvation army family store in st. cloud

The first juicy honeycrisp in fall. A front-and-center spot at your favorite band’s concert. A dream job.  Sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for, and I’m adding the new Salvation Army Family Thrift Store in St. Cloud to that list. I first learned of the plans for the new store last February and have patiently been waiting for details on the opening to surface. On Saturday, at long last, the store opened and oh my goodness, she’s a beaut.

Housed in what used to be Hoye Home Furnishings, this store is mammoth. I’d even venture to guess that it’s the largest Salvation Army thrift in the greater Minnesota area. It’s practically cavernous! Here’s the view from the front of the women’s clothing section.

The racks were packed full, but not to the point that made them impossible to shop. Sections were organized nicely too, by category and then color. This rack’s always an eye-catcher when Thanksgiving’s around the corner.

The shoe racks were packed full too, but again, super organized and neat.

The back of the store housed humongous electronics (flat-screen TVS galore!), furniture, holiday decor and housewares sections, including some nicely priced antique-y stuff in glass cases. (Don’t overlook the jewelry—it’s all back there too, some in cases some on round racks.) This impractically gorgeous pink china cup and saucer set had to be mine.

I successfully resisted this set of six stainless steel mugs. They were so hefty and in mint condition—perfect for Moscow mules in the summer.

They also had a huge section of scratch-and-dent home goods, cast-offs from Target. There was a good amount of serving ware, including some really nice drink dispensers. I picked up the 12-piece Pyrex set pictured below for a song! ($11.99 to be exact; retail price hovers around $30.)

A few more quickie impressions: I have picky standards when it comes to thrift-store fitting rooms and I found the set-up here comfortable. There’s roomy, and more importantly, clean stalls, and lots of big (clean) mirrors. Also, compared to the metro-area Sal Vals, prices here were fantastic. Think $3.99 for a vintage wool skirt, $2.99 for blouses, $4.99 for boots, $6.99 for a stunning wool Fashionbilt coat from the 1960s. At first when I saw the plaid I was all like, “this is too much!,” but once I slipped it on, I was done.

All in all, I had wonderful experience and left wholly impressed with the store. I hope to post more about some of my finds soon, but this should give you an idea of how well I did. (!!!)

If you’re ever up in St. Cloud, I’d highly recommend a visit. To make your thrifting experience up there easy as pie, I gave my St. Cloud Thrifting Treasure Map a quick update, reflecting the addition of the Sal Val and noting the new (and improved!) location of the Treasure Chest. (Click View Larger Map or the link above to get the details, including hours, phone numbers and links to all my favorite stores up thatta way.)

Please check out the original post to nab links to my favorite places for a bite in St. Cloud. Because thrifting’s not nearly as fun if you’re starving, am I right?

And now it’s your turn! Did you get any shopping in over the weekend? Have you visited any new stores that’ve knocked your socks off? Either way, fill me in!



monday morning

I spent some time on my deck this making a massive to-do list for the day in the world’s most adorable notepad holder. I found this needlepoint beaut at the Salvation Army in Austin, Minnesota for all of 50 cents and ever since it’s made writing out my daily to-dos a much more cheery experience. I love thrifting something that’s as functional as it is cute. And with all the craziness that’s happening in the next couple of weeks, I have a feeling this baby’s going to be getting a workout.

Since making this list this morning (which continued well onto the second page!), I’m proud to say I’ve crossed a good deal of my to-dos off, including doing my dishes, a task I successfully put off all weekend long. How were your Mondays? Sun-filled and productive, I’m hoping!



P.S. If you’re sewing-savvy, check out the myriad of plastic-canvas how-to books on Etsy. There are so many kitschy cute projects out there!

thrifting mission: find some new yoga clothes

I’ve recently become addicted to grown awfully fond of practicing hot yoga at a wonderfully friendly studio in Uptown called Moksha Yoga. While I absolutely LOVE what it’s been doing for my heinie and my insomnia, washing my gross, sweaty gear every other day was a time-consuming drag. I looked online for new clothes for about a minute-and-a-half, but when I saw $48 shorts and $108 hoodies, I almost fell out of my chair. So, I did what I always do. Went to the thrift store!

Since the idea of sweating my tatas off in clothes that have already been worn by some other broad skeeves me slightly, I hopped over to the underground Target (aka the Target Basement) at the downtown Salvation Army Family Store, which is, if you’re not familiar, filled with brand spankin’ new merchandise. As expected, I found exactly what I was looking for. From roll-over top yoga pants to super light running shorts to tops to T’s to sports bras to plus-sized gear, this place has got it all. And everything’s super sensibly priced!

Here’s what $45 (three dollars less than the aforementioned shorts!) bought me…

Two towels (so totally necessary for hot yoga), a neon pink sports bra (the only neon color I can tolerate), THREE pairs of shorts, a raspberry colored cropped sweatshirt and an extra-long baby blue hoodie (because I freeze on my way home from class if I forget a sweatshirt). The bonus part is that five of the eight items I came home with are PINK. Yesssss.

I’m set for a while, I think, right? Thrifting mission: complete.

Namaste y’all!



P.S. There’s one more day to enter the Girls Got Rhythm Fest ticket giveaway. I’m picking the lucky winner tomorrow after 5 p.m.!

peach things

Been into collecting pretty peach things lately, or so it seems.

Even if a thrift’s a total dud, I can practically always find a scarf I like enough to bring home. This one was 50 cents at Salvation Army and it’s 100-percent silk.

The softly scalloped placket sold me on this drape-y silk blouse, another Salvation Army find.

Exquisite peach ranunculus, courtesy of Bastian + Skoog’s ridiculously charming PEANUTCART. (Such brains those ladies have, my goodness.)

I hope your hump day is, well, peachy!



heads up: president’s day weekend sales

Hey lovelies, happy Friday!


If you’re looking to get your shop on this weekend, here’s the scoop on some President’s Day sales.

Today through Sunday

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer: Take 30% off all home decor, lamps and artwork at both the Orono and St. Paul locations.

Saturday Only

ARC’s Value Village Thrift Stores: Save 50% on everything except orange- and white-tagged items Saturday only. Stores will open at 9 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

Monday Only

Savers: Take 50% off all used clothing, shoes, accessories and tagged bed and bath items. Sale runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores: This year, the half-off sale at Salvation Army is limited to the downtown Minneapolis location and only applies to the goodies in the Target basement. The store will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Hidden Treasures Thrift Store: This hole-in-the-wall thrift kicks off a week-long bag sale on Monday—fill a bag of winter clothing or outerwear and pay just $5. Hidden Treasures is open from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Unique and Valu Thrift Stores: Everything in all five metro-area stores will be half-off! Shops will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Happy shopping!



recently thrifted

Just popping in to share some small finds from the past few weeks…

How precious are these delicate little bow earrings? I can’t recall where I thrifted these, but clearly, I didn’t spend more than 50 cents on them.

I got this deadstock bag at the Burnsville Salvation Army during a yellow tag day, so it cost only $1. (It was from a collection of clothes and accessories Target did with Hamilton Wood Type.) I put it to good use the week after I thrifted it when I was running late and needed to wrap up a belated birthday gift.

On that same trip to the Burnsville Sal Val, I found a vintage sheet set from Stevens Utica, still in its original packaging. (On Etsy, just one used sheet in this pattern sells for around $17!) These I believe will wind up at the store…they’d be great material for a sewing project!

These (blonde) matryoshka dolls are from the Value Village over in Saint Paul. It’s likely that they will wind up in one of Mighty Swell’s grab bags.

Have you been out thrifting lately? Did you find anything wonderful?



thrifting trip: minneapolis to cambridge

{A gawk-worthy sunflower farm blooms outside Isanti.}

Hello dears!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Saturday morning thrifting trips, from Minneapolis to Cambridge. This route rocks because it’s peppered with thrifts you can visit on the way, and once you’re to Cambridge, there are three stores within a couple of blocks. The drive’s do-it-in-your-sleep easy–just cruise up Central Avenue (also known as county road 65) and you’re there! I recommend going on Saturday mornings before traffic builds up (there are a ton of lights on 65). And, some of the thrifts in Cambridge close up shop in the mid-afternoon on the weekends. New to this map, I included a few of my favorite spots to stop for snacks, ranging from the co-op in Cambridge (if I’m hankering for kombucha) to the Main Street bar/grill that makes delicious Bloody Marys and super cheap burgers.

Happy hunting!

If you like this post, might you find my thrifting maps for St. Cloud, Burnsville and up 35W useful too?



recently thrifted, glowing globe lamp

{vintage globe lamp, $2.50, Salvation Army Thrift Store, Blaine}

Like everyone else on the planet, I’ve been watching Mad Men again from the start, thanks to the holy union of Netflix and my Wii. Watching it the second time around is a luxury…I’ve can zone out on the plot and focus on the details of the interiors and fashions. Like Don’s globes.

Exhibit A.

{Image from the Mid-Century Modernist}

I haven’t personally jumped on the globes-as-decor bandwagon, mostly because I need a new collection as much as I need a hole in the head. That said, this lamp was too cute to pass up! It works like a charm, is small enough to fit in a variety of spots around my house and it cost less than a fancy cup of cold press.

Did you get out thrifting this weekend? Find anything awesome?