sunday funday

Yesterday I spent the afternoon shooting some pics for a new Mighty Swell vendor, It’s For Nice. Brothers Jason (boyfriend of my lady friend Andrea) and Pat are estate sale geniuses, and the collection of menswear they’ve amassed is really unparalleled. They have so many gems! It was a beautiful afternoon to be out in their sun room, listening to records, taking photos and sipping on Jason’s homemade piña coladas. Sneak peeks from It’s For Nice, and from all our wonderful vendors, will be going up on Facebook soon, but in the meantime…here are a coupla outtakes.

The It’s For Nice boys are bringing their goodies to Etsy soon, btw. Add ’em to your circle!



hair envy

I’m loving these soft, ’70s-style waves on Lindsey Wixson. They’re so so pretty! These shots have definitely motivated me to play around with my big hot rollers soon.

AnOther Magazine F/W 2010
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Stylist: Marie-Amelie Sauve in Resort Collections
Hair: Sebastien Richard
Makeup: Hannah Murray
Model: Lindsey Wixson

If you have a minute, check out the entire editorial. Along with the vintage-inspired styling, the “grandma’s house” style set is to die for…wood paneling, retro wallpaper, plastic place mats and all. Super inspiring all around.



film! from chicago!!

Oh goodness, today rocked. Yes, I had to get up at the crack of dawn for a photo shoot, and yes, it was gray and and cold and rainy 98 percent of the day, but do you know what,  today, I also got back my film from my sweetheart’s & my trip to Chicago. Yesss!

I’ve had nothing but terrible luck getting film from toy cameras developed, and was apprehensive this go-round, especially considering this was my first run with a new camera. I thought for sure something would go wrong, and I’d wind up with nothing. Well, I’m so happy to report that the roll was full of keepers. Win!

Here are a few of my favorites…

I love how they turned out and can’t wait to tote this camera out on future trips. Maybe this weekend?

I hope you all had happy Wednesdays! I’m getting prepped for taco night with my honey and am so looking forward to it. He’s had a long day at work, so I’m baking up a pie from Paula Deen’s “Best Desserts” special issue. Am I the only person under 30 who subscribes to this magazine? Maybe. What can I say? Some people drunk dial. I drink and subscribe to magazines. My love for print is sloppy, and that’s never going to change.



blog roll love: simply breakfast

Rise & shine!

I love breakfast. I’m one of those people who can happily belly up to a table full of breakfast food any time of the morning or night. The word alone makes me smile. It’s no wonder that this is one blog that never gets skipped in my reader.

Simply Breakfast

No captions. No recipes. Just really perfect photos of really perfect breakfasts.

All photos from Simply Breakfast.



saturday scenes

Happy Monday, all! Mind if I share a few scenes from Saturday? Really? Okay then….

I got up waaay too early and thrifted my little fanny OFF. As luck would have it, I found a ton of seriously adorable stuff. Armloads of pretty vintage dresses, some really stand-out housewares and a handful of vintage baby things I tried to resist, but couldn’t. I tried. I really did. Peeks of some of the finds to come later in the week. Whee!

Once I made it up north, I inhaled a burrito the size of Texas and Finnie got fawned over by at least a dozen hippies. (What’s up with all the hippies, Duluth?!) After stuffing myself proper, we made our way to an perfectly desolate beach in Superior. The water’s 20 degrees warmer than average this summer (!!), so swimming wasn’t nearly as jarring of an experience as it normally is.

Once I got to the lake, instant happy hour commencement. Sipping wine to the sound of the creek. Definitely enjoyable.

My Dad was kind enough to humor me with a stop at this amazing junk shop on our way to dinner. I wanted to live there, honestly I did. I am now the proud owner of a super old croquet set, and I’m predicting a Sunday filled with lawn games in my very near future.

After junking, we ate burgers at The Anchor Bar and hurled Trivial Pursuit questions at each other over the din while waiting for our food. Here’s a view from the front door of The Anchor. You can faintly see the lights of the John A. Blatnik Bridge. Love that bridge.

I hope the iPhone photo-heavy post isn’t too irritating. More posts, with “real” pictures coming real soon, promise.

Have you all had good days? Mine has been equally productive and positive, two amazing things considering it’s a Monday and all. I hope yours was equally happy!



wisconsin weekend: scenery

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I finally got around to going through some of the photos I took up north in Wisconsin over the 4th of July holiday. It was nice to be surrounded by non-city scenery for a couple of days.

(Click to enlarge, if you wanna!)

I’ll be posting another thrifting-related set of pics from that trip later this week. Going through all of them has gotten me excited to plan another getaway up there soon.



my weekend in instax: a summary in 4 parts

Ah, Monday. You’ve finally arrived, killing the buzz of an extended weekend. SIGH.

What is it anyway about coming back from a trip that makes one feel both equally energized and exhausted? I’m not sure whether I should start tackling my mile-long list of chores, my overflowing Inbox or just say to hell with it all, and find the nearest bed and nap away the entire afternoon. I’m leaning towards the latter, I’m not gonna lie.

While I mull it over, enjoy these Instax snippets from my weekend up north. I saw a lot of these four things over the past few days…

open country roads,

the lake,

flowers, flowers and more flowers,

and teeny tiny small towns.

What did you see a lot of this weekend?