moonlighting with meaning

tumblr_n1til8vJw11qfvu82o1_1280I started a new moonlighting gig this week. It’s nothing fancy, just a regular ol’ retail job. But I’m so happy about it, I had to tell ya! I’m working as a part-time stylist at the Free People store in, where else, the MALL of AMERICA. After breaking up with my main freelance client, and a dream of a new kitchen thisclose to reality, I knew I had to pick up some extra cash somehow, and it had to be earned in a way that didn’t involve sitting in front of a screen. It’s pure serendipity I met the woman who hired me the same day I read this article on beating on-the-job burnout. Sometimes life works out nicely that way.

The store itself is full of beautiful clothes and thoughtful details, two things that totally soothe my soul. My first official day was yesterday, and I forgot how exhausting it is to be the new girl with not a clue what’s going on. Fortunately, the staff seems to be comprised of 100-percent sweethearts. If you’re in the area, come pay us a visit and let me hook you up with cute stuff! And be sure to give the store a follow on Instagram. (It’s an extra-pretty account.)



birthdays + breaks + beginning (again)

happybirthdayToday’s my birthday, friends! And while it sounds sort of nuts, my no. 1 gift to myself is my own blog. Woo! Wait, what?

You see, hard as it is to admit, I learned this past summer that I can’t, in fact, do it all. And after years of juggling a full-time job, a part-time small business, a needy household, all the while still making time for friends, family, freelance work, pets, nachos and (on the rare occasion) myself, I was burned out, bad.

Keeping up this ol’ site should be fun more than anything, but for a while there, it felt too much like a chore, or even worse, work. I was unhappy, unenthusiastic and tired down to my very bones. So I took a little break. That turned into a long-ish break. And you know what? I really needed it!

In the not-so-distant past, I would’ve been stressed to the max about the (many) months in between this post and my last, but the newly 31-year-old me isn’t sweatin’ it. Mostly because I know you’re good people, and that you understand. But also, with time to recharge, I was able to actually relax and think of fun things I’d be excited to share in this space. (Read: Rad projects in the works!)

I’m happy to be back, and if you’re still reading, happy that you stuck around.



P.S. I found the image above here.