clickin’ around, vol. 40

hearts Ugh, how dreamy is that room pictured up above (spotted here)? I’m totally having a heart wall in my next house.

If you’ve resolved (like me!) to be less distracted by checking your phone in 2013, you might also find this seven-step article extremely helpful. I sure did.

Best thing I’ve seen all week: A photo tour of the world’s grandmas sharing their home-cooked meals via The Kitchn.

Two helpful cleaning how-tos for thrifters: Tips for cleaning white- and cream-colored leather and cleaning old flasks.

Did y’all cook a lot over the holidays? Here are a handful of recipes I pinned, made and loved: Muffin Tin Tacos, Pomegranate Margaritas, Banana Bread French Toast, Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes, Oatmeal-Chocolate-Banana Bites.

Speaking of the holiday, I treated myself to an Arcona enzyme facial with Savita at Spot Spa over the break, and oh my goodness, my skin hasn’t been so glowy in I don’t know how long. If your complexion is in the market for a nice little pick-me-up, I’d definitely recommend this treatment!

In other exciting beauty news, especially if you’re a for ’90s babies like me, Herbal Essences is bringing back their old bottles and scents, updating them to be sulfate- and silicone-free. Oh yeah!




Another year is about to end and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to see it go. 2012’s been amazing. Here are a few of my favorite moments and memories.

In January, I starting volunteering for Free Arts, saw the Bears lose to the Vikings and spent a lot of free time playing baking and playing bingo.


In February, Rae and I hosted a lingerie sale at Mighty Swell. It was, by far, one of my favorite events we’ve ever put on.

photo(46) In March, my friend Erica and I co-hosted a French-y dinner party at my house for a dozen of our favorite gals. (Tammy Crackers not included.) It was such a fun night and a tradition we hope to continue!

photo(48) In April, the Iron Range blew my mind with its beauty. Mighty Swell hosted a kick-off party for the Summer of Dresses gals and we also popped up at The Hive Salon (which was super fun).


In May, I saw Ronnie Spector at the Girls Got Rhythm Fest and my best broads and I paid a visit to Kansas City. We had a fabulous time thrifting, eating (barbecue), sitting by the pool and hitting the local honky tonks.


In June, the prettiest girl in the world moved in with me and together with my hon’s family, we road-tripped to Texas to celebrate his grandparents’ 65th wedding anniversary. I ate a lot of Whataburger, spent a dreamy day at the beach and found with my dream (trailer) house.


In July, Rae got hitched (prettiest wedding of all time), I saw a bunch of amazing shows and accidentally met this guy.

photo(45) In August, I left my old job for a better one and started blogging again.


In September, we made our annual trek to the State Fair, took in a Willie Nelson show down in Mankato and kept on finding new ways to make nachos.


In October, my honey and I went to our favorite country music venue to see Moe Bandy and later in the month trekked to Fargo for a record show (and some thrifting).

photo (18)

In November, I saw George Jones, Bruce Springsteen and Loretta Lynn within a period of eight days (!!!) and I turned 30, a milestone I celebrated with, what else? Cookies.


And last but not least, December. It was definitely a busy month at work, but it ended on a lovely note with a full week-plus off.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year! I sure can’t wait to see what 2013 brings! I hope you all have wonderfully relaxing New Year’s days.