monday morning

I spent some time on my deck this making a massive to-do list for the day in the world’s most adorable notepad holder. I found this needlepoint beaut at the Salvation Army in Austin, Minnesota for all of 50 cents and ever since it’s made writing out my daily to-dos a much more cheery experience. I love thrifting something that’s as functional as it is cute. And with all the craziness that’s happening in the next couple of weeks, I have a feeling this baby’s going to be getting a workout.

Since making this list this morning (which continued well onto the second page!), I’m proud to say I’ve crossed a good deal of my to-dos off, including doing my dishes, a task I successfully put off all weekend long. How were your Mondays? Sun-filled and productive, I’m hoping!



P.S. If you’re sewing-savvy, check out the myriad of plastic-canvas how-to books on Etsy. There are so many kitschy cute projects out there!

iron range adventures

Although I’ve only been up here six-or-so hours, I’m already fairly sure that these next few days in the Iron Range are going to be fun. If you haven’t visited this part of the country before, you’re missing out on some serious gorgeousness. The pit mines are so spectacular, I sought out two different scenic overlooks so I could really soak up the views. I can’t honestly remember the last time I saw water so blue…and don’t get me started on the sky.

Well, I’m off to fire up the whirlpool in my hotel room (!!!) and then catch up on some sleep. My first meeting tomorrow’s at 8 a.m.



labor day plans: goin’ to the fair

Happy Labor Day sweeties!

Today’s super special, not only because it’s Monday and I’m not at work, but also because my honey & I are going to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, also known as the Minnesota State Fair. And let me tell you, I cannot wait! The past few weeks, local bloggers have been sharing Fair-related miscellany, mostly of the food variety, and it’s gotten me keyed-up for today’s trek to Midway like you wouldn’t believe. Witness…

The Rad Housewife has adorability to spare, this I already all know. So it didn’t surprise me that her & her hubby’s engagement photos, taken at the Fair, are as sweet as a bucket of Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, have you seen a cuter photo?

Beyond the Stick’s an addictive photo blog documenting the daily goings-on at the Fair. I love the caption for this photo: “Summer is here. Nun too soon.”

Photo by Debra Fisher Goldstein, for Beyond the Stick.

Heavy Table, with a stellar team of writers, editors and photographers, is one of my must-read local blogs for all things food-related. This round-up of the top 10 foods gave me new things to look for, and also featured my hands-down  favorite: The Giant Juicy Turkey Sandwich. The unfussy simplicity of this sammy haunts me 364 days of the year. Today it will be mine!

Photo by Katie Cannon, for Heavy Table.

I also plan on seeking out the peaches & cream parfait from Salty Tart Bakery. Fruit desserts are the jam, and this one, written up by loads of local foodies, looks was more appealing than a deep-fried Milky Way. (Simple Good and Tasty featured the recipe for this summery confection here, if you want to give making it at home a whirl.)

Photo by Tom Wallace, for the Star Tribune.

Fair food rules, and I share Girl Friday’s lack of appreciation of the Star Tribune’s list of calories in common deep-friend, fat-filled favorites. Who needs (much less wants) to know that information, really?

Flashing back, here’s one of my photos from my trip to the Fair last year. Stumbling into a room packed with my favorite flower was classified as a definite #win.

As was going down the giant slide. This epic fail of a filming job makes me giggle every time I watch it.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get going over there! I hope to see you all back here tomorrow…I’ve got an extra-special announcement that I can’t wait to share with you. And maybe even a photo or two from our Fair trip. : )

Have fantastic days, dears!


thrifting trip: family pathways thrift stores off highway 35

Hey lovelies!

Scattered in a row along Highway 35, heading north out of the Twin Cities, are a handful of magical little thrift stores, benefiting the Cambridge, Minn.-based nonprofit, Family Pathways. The shops are mere minutes off the highway, which makes hopping off and checking them out practically effortless. Below you’ll find a quick overview of each Family Pathways store along 35. To make your treasure-hunting even easier, I made a handy little map, complete with each shop’s address, phone number and store hours. (Click on the pinpoint to view details!)

Common Denominators

Every Family Pathways I’ve visited has been clean and staffed with very friendly folks. Every shop has fitting rooms and all of them accept credit cards.

Some (Rush City, Wyoming and Pine City) are open on Sundays. This is a definite plus for someone who can’t get out of town to thrift Monday through Friday.

The chain offers a Frequent Buyer Bucks punch card. Once your card is full (or, after you’ve spent $120), you get $10 off your next purchase. You can rack up punches at all the shops, so if you’re a regular thrifter, it’s smart to get a punch card going.

Unlike many thrift stores, at most Family Pathways, the staff separates the vintage and “retro” items from the regular merchandise. Keep you eyes open for a stand-alone rack (sometimes labeled “Retro Rack” or “Vintage”) or display, usually found towards the front of the store. Usually they lump older clothes, housewares and gadgets all together.

One of my big pet peeves with some thrifts, like Unique, is inconsistent pricing. At Family Pathways, everything’s pretty standard. All vintage dresses, for example, are going to be around $4. This, I like.

Heading north on 35, you’ll come to, in this order…

Forest Lake

This is one of the biggest Family Pathways, and also one of the most far-flung off the highway (about five minutes). I was impressed with the furniture selection and the huge amount of housewares. The clothes were kind of meh and I didn’t spot a vintage section. I also felt the pricing was a bit higher here than the other stores. Perhaps because it’s the closest to the Cities?


No photo of this one, sorry folks! This is an average-size store, with so-so merchandise. I’ve found some nice ’70s and ’80s dresses here along with my favorite “I ♥ Dancing” key chain. It’s also one of the easiest stores to get to—you can see the shop from the highway.

Rush City

The Rush City store is tucked into the same building as a grocery (Rush City Foods), liquor store and bakery. It’s pretty small, but they have a healthy selection of vintage stuff. Last weekend, I found some really precious 1950s duds for a baby boy, an incredibly cute red and white polka-dotted country square-dancing dress and a handful of other nice dresses.

Pine City

The Pine City shop is also just a hop-skip-and-a-jump off the highway. This store went through a thorough remodel this year leaving it very clean and spacious. I bought a collection of vintage pop bottles there for 25-50 cents each, and have also found some pretty retro dresses, including a sleek silk cocktail dress from the 1960s. The furniture selection is pretty slim.


At the risk of feeling like I’m picking my favorite kid here, I have to say that this is my top pick of all the Family Pathways. First of all, I’m a sucker for tiny, old downtowns, and this shop is right on Main Street in Hinckley. It’s a good size, and right up front, there’s a huge display of all kinds of antique-y, vintage-y goodness. I filled up a basket this weekend with tons of pretty things, including a sweet silk Diane von Furstenberg blouse, a Grand Old Opry souvenir and some new (old) thigh-high stockings. I also found some sweet postcards from the 1970s. Expect to see a more detailed store review of this shop coming up in the next couple weeks.

Family Pathways also has shops in Cambridge, Isanti, Princeton and North Branch, but since they’re not on 35, I left them out of this little round-up. (You can find info about all the stores here.) The money spent at these shops goes to supporting senior services, food pantries and youth services programs. The nonprofit has been serving Isanti, Chisago, Pine, Kannabec and Mille Lacs counties for nearly 33 years and meets the Charities Review Council Smart Givers standards.

I hope that this post and the map is helpful. I’m thinking of making more maps of some my favorite thrifting routes. Is that something y’all would be into? Let me know!



P.S. Many thanks to my sweetheart, who told me about Family Pathways back when we first started dating, long before this blog was born. You’re the best, honey!