midweek melodies: monterey pop soundtrack

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 8.26.13 PMBefore I knew about the Monterey Pop Festival of 1967, the only impression I had of Monterey, California was a girl I shared a floor with freshman year of college who loved to brag about bjs she’d given to various frat daddies that particular week. We weren’t close by any means, except, of course, in proximity, which is why, one cold winter night happened to I wind up at the ER, watching as her stomach was pumped free of the enormous quantity of painkillers she had swallowed. The next day her mom flew into Boulder, and the day after that, we exchanged goodbye hugs as they returned together to Monterey.

Today, so many years later, when I hear “Monterey,” my brain doesn’t automatically go to this sad, faded memory, but instead to the Monterey Pop Festival, the unofficial start to the “summer of love,” inspiration for a little thing called Woodstock and an all-around significant event in ’60s music history. The three-day concert, held at the Monterey County Fairgrounds and planned in a mere seven weeks, boasted a lineup of stars including, but not limited to The Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds, Canned Heat, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Simon & Garfunkel and a magnificent Otis Redding. 

The concert was also filmed and turned into a full-length film called Monterey Pop, which is conveniently available to watch in its high-def glory on YouTube. Groovy right? I’ve been re-watch/listening to it at night this week, while I answer emails and work on freelance, and it’s just too good to keep to myself, especially considering that this week marks the 47th anniversary. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to sit for a while and soak it in. The festival-goers’ fashion alone makes it worthwhile to see, if, for whatever reason, ’60s rock isn’t your thing. If you want to skip around, track lists are beneath the video, though I strongly advise you to watch it all the way through, at least once. (Whatever you do, do not skip Jimi!)

The bonus footage, including some rad Byrds songs, two great Simon & Garfunkel tunes and Mama Cass being her hilario self, is also a must-see.

I wish you all happy Wednesdays.



Ticket scans c/o: Candice Bergen.

midweek melodies: my secret weapon running mix

high plains thrifter Way back when my boyfriend and I first started dating, I asked him to make me a mix to run to. Five years later this collection of classic rock still gets me moving, even on days when I’m beyond exhausted and my motivation is nil. Every single song is a bonda fide rocker, making it ideal listening for jogs, gym sessions or whenever you need to buckle down and TCB. Including, for instance, a long, end-of-winter Wednesday afternoon. ;-)



midweek melodies: the sonics


I don’t know about you, but today feels like it should be Thursday…of next week. This week has just been slogging on by! Partially to blame, I’m sure, is the amount of fun stuff I have going on this weekend, including seeing The Sonics at First Avenue.


If you’re unfamiliar, The Sonics are a garage band from Tacoma, Washington, and their heydey was the early ’60s. Like all other (good) garage bands, their music is wild, hard and fast, so much so that whenever I put a record of theirs on, I can’t help but get fired up. Whether I’m running at the Y or powering through post-lunch desk slump or just in need of a mind-clearning, tush-wiggling dance party in my living room, The Sonics always hit the spot for me. Needless to say, I am pretty pumped to see them perform. I start grinning just thinking about it! In light of it being Wednesday (worst day of the week) and, of course, of Saturday’s show, today seems as good a time as any to share a mix of some of my favorite Sonics jams.

In light of it being Wednesday (aka the second-worst day of the week) and, of course, of Saturday’s show, today seems as good a time as any to share a mix of some of my favorite Sonics jams.

Warning: Listening to these songs may result in motivation.



P.S. Tickets for The Sonics are still available, so if you like what you heard or you’re simply in need of something (AWESOME) to do, get some already. It’s a freaking bargain, especially considering the opening bands are also badass!

Photos c/o: Tumblr.