estate sale find

Isn’t this the prettiest tablecloth? I picked it up this morning at this estate sale for $3, in addition to a ’60s-era aluminum floral rocker for the back deck and a handful vintage home and garden mags. I need an intervention when it comes to buying vintage ephemera and paper products. I just can’t seem to stop myself!

Well, I hope you’ve all had beautiful Thursdays. I’m off to (belatedly) celebrate the birth of one of my favorite ladies at this restaurant we’ve been dying to try. Her present has been a work-in-progress for practically a year…can’t wait to finally give it to her!



clicking around

Dudes, I’m pooped. I’ve been running on empty the past few days and it blows. Here are some links to reads that have been helping me combat my blahs.

I’m obsessed with Supermarket Sarah’s super-inspiring “walls.” It was a nice surprise to stumble across one created by locals ALL & ETC, aka knitwear designer/girl crush Annie Larson & Eric Carlson (featured above).

A Harper’s Bazaar editorial from 1997 featuring Kate Moss, Sun Records royalty Sam Phillips, an Elvis cut-out & rocker Jerry Lee Lewis?? HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE? (via Nasty Gal Vintage)

Speaking of things I should have known about ages ago, go visit Dolly Rocker Girl, my new favorite blog read. (Thanks for the intro, Lucky mag!)

While I was laid up in bed last night, I spent some time two hours watching this show, and am completely addicted to/uplifted by it.
Jill Scott = 100 % goddess. <3 her!

Sometimes my blogging mojo disappears. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I was delighted to see that my pal (and captain of the High Plains cheer squad) Mary has started to post outfit shots on her rad blog Art of Wore. Exciting!

I think I’m going to make Emma‘s red-velvet brownies with dark chocolate on top sound for this week’s nacho night, since Jamie’s giving me a break from hosting/cooking (thanks, James!). Nummy.





guest post: mary o’regan gets warm & fuzzy

I’ve got another busy day ahead, and another rad guest blogger lined up for ya. Today, my most fashionable pal Mary spots a warm and fuzzy trend that can easily (and cheaply) be adopted with a quick trip to the thrift. I hope you like it!

Shearling, sure thing?

Hi everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Mary O’Regan from fashion blog Art of Wore, here to guest-blog for the day while Meghan prepares to open her second Mighty Swell pop-up shop this weekend (which you should definitely check out!).

I’d like to take this opportunity to write about a trend that’s been in the back of my mind for quite some time.


Shearling. That’s right, the fuzzy fur that served as trim for many a ‘90s jacket. It’s backwith a vengence, appearing all over the fall runways.

At Ralph Lauren…


And Barbara Bui, too.


It’s all over Etsy, as well,  in the form of vintage clothing. Shearling is pretty easy to come by second-hand. I often see it lining jackets, vests and gloves, in both the men’s and women’s sections when I’m out thrifting. Here are some favorites from Etsy.

Tarantula Sisters

Pompom Clothing

Fox Tail Vintage

L’Enfant Terrible

I’m in love with the above shearling-trimmed trench coat. It looks like something you’dsee on a femme fatale in the 1940s.

But probably my favorite use of shearling appears on shoes. I’m head over heels for these Dolce Vitas.

Dolce Vita “Jagger” bootie

Burberry boot

With this type of look, the higher the heel the better, otherwise you’re verging into dumpy winter-wear. And we all know warmth has little to do with trendiness! Luckily this fad fits in well with cold weather.

So, whaddya think? Is shearling best left in the ‘90s, or are you going to embrace this new furry trend?

That’s all for now!