spring things

Some weeks I wish money grew on trees solely so I could spend it all on Etsy.  Here’s a little random assortment of things I’ve added to my spring wish list this week.

Andrea and I are signing on for another session of community ed swimming, which is reason enough to pick up another vintage suit, right? Right.

{Pastel Butterfly Dream Skirted Swimsuit, $29, Gimme Nicole}

Capes and ponchos serve as fantastic transition pieces during that slushy, suck-filled buffer season between winter and spring.

{Vintage Folklore Cape, $26, Scottie in a Canoe)

I’d be happy to see one of these pastel postcards in my mailbox some dreary day.

{Set of 4 Postcards, $9, Lola’s Room}

I love these creamsicle-colored floral ponytail holders. So cute! $10 for two ain’t bad, either!

{Two Flower Pony Tail Holders, $10, Tamar}

This needs to hang above my desk as a daily reminder that uncomplicated = good.

{Keep it Simple Doily Wall Art, $27, Three Red Apples}

Is it weird that I dream about thrifting awesome sets of pink Pyrex? Because I do.

{Vintage Pyrex Pink Daisy Casserole Set, $65, Sassbox Classics}

Bigger is better when it comes to hair, savings accounts and polka dots.

{Polka Dot ’80s Blazer, $45, Vonlenska’s Vintage}

And with that, I’m off to tidy up the kitchen. Good times. (No.)






birthdays galore

Goodness me!

Is everyone and their mother (except mine) celebrating a birthday this month? I have to admit, too, that I’ve had a couple panicky moments wondering if I’d mixed one b-day up with another or sent a “happy birthday” text on the totally wrong day. Awkward much? Anyway, I think the time to start keeping better track of who celebrates what, when, is now.

And while there’s an app for that, I think I’ll just pick up a pretty, sweet birthday calendar and write important dates in the old-fashioned way. With a pen. My eye’s on this one from Mod Cloth.

Are you good at remembering birthdays? Any tricks or tips to share?

I hope you all have lovely Thursdays! I’m looking forward to this afternoon’s gluttonous Halloween potluck at the office. I made this kind-of old-school crock pot Reuben dip. It’s so easy and oh-so-very good.



lust list: cozy comforts

So yesterday, I had a serious craving for cozy.

In need of something wool-y, I dug through my (very disorganized) drawers of assorted tights, socks and nighties. The result? Two halves of my favorite pairs of leg warmers! Nary a full pair to be found. Argh! The takeaway is two-fold: 1. Must. Get. Organized. 2. Stock up on comfortable, warm knits.


A headband: Ruin a good hair day with hat head? Um, no thanks. I love this reasonably priced, lipstick red, fuck-you-frostbite bow.Big ol’ Bow Earwamers, by Yes Jess, $28

A new poncho: Ponchos (and capes) rock in terms of keeping me snug.

Vintage ’70s Fringe Poncho, from Lotus Vintage NY, $65

Scarves: I love this Southwestern-patterned beauty!

ASOS Bright Pattern Snood, £20

Cozies: I have a feeling I’d lose a cup cozy in approximately three two days, but if I would hang onto one, it’d have hearts on it.

Heartwarming Cozy, by Polka Dot Robot, $18 (SALE)

And last but not least, I need to find my M.I.A. legwarmers.

Jane Fonda = queen of leg warmers. Source

How do y’all stay cozy come fall? Hot cider? Bouclé cardigans? Fingerless gloves? Winter’s upon us here in Minneapolis, so your ideas will be appreciated by me, for dang sure! See y’all back here tomorrow!



every girl needs: a treasure chest

I love being a woman. I like wearing high heels and having armpits that smell nice. I appreciate having doors held open for me, and am grateful when burps (and farts) are kept to a minimum when I’m around. I don’t consider myself high-maintenance per se, just a lady’s lady. And being one of those can sometimes requires a little upkeep.

Last week, I had a stretch of “gross days.” You know, the ones when you feel greasy, zitty, flabby, how-could-anyone-think-I’m-attractive-? and blah. And you know what? As bad as that (fleeting) feeling was, I was happy to have an arsenal of girlie stuff that I knew was guaranteed to help me feel better.  A nice long bath, an at-home mani, a heels-on night out with my man (who always makes me feel like a million bucks), a big night of beauty rest—every girl needs a handful of simple, inexpensive methods for getting their pretty back, and those are some of mine.

Another thing every lady should have? A treasure chest. Because ladies, of course, have a lot of jewelry. I’m lucky enough to have a treasure table. This pretty piece was made by my great-grandpa as a gift for my grandma Mary when she was a little girl (sometime in the early ’20s).

From the outside, it looks like a plain table. (And yes, those are my bedroom walls. And yes, they are pink. Le duh.)

But open it up, and behold pretties galore.

Most of the little compartments have the original lids, too. Cool right?  My dad had felt liners made, one with my initials, MJM.
So sweet.

So, where do you keep your girlie treasures? A vintage bowl maybe? A jewelry box, necklace tree, train case or  serving dish?

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of my favorites from around the Internets.

This hidden jewelry box diy from design*sponge has been on my to-do list for months. So cool!

This little bunny ring dish from Anthropologie is too cute! I get excited when I see anything less than a gazillion dollars there, too (this lil plate is $10).

I stole this idea from this stand I saw at Urban Outfitters. I like displaying everyday objects, like a collection of pretty rings, in a special way. A little cloche like this over a patterned saucer would be adorable!

This multi-layered mod plastic jewelry box is sweet.

And in the end, can’t go wrong with a classic, velvet-on-the-inside, pink-on-the-outside,  jewelry box. This 1950s pretty is on sale, too, for $24. Sweet.

I hope you all have had fantastic Mondays! I’m off for my nightly dose of four of my favorite ladies…. “Golden Girls.”

Nighty night…xo.


lust list: dresses for summer weddings

Hey lovelies!

So, summer’s in full swing, which means that hardly a weekend goes by when there isn’t a wedding to attend. And while I need a new dress as much as I need the new John Mayer album (or a hole in the head), I’ve still been stealing moments to window shop on Etsy.  Because, you know, flirting with danger (and credit card debt) is always a good time.

I had quite the internal debate yesterday trying to convince myself that the smocking in the back of this ultra-pretty, simple sundress would allow me to fit into this beauty. I wish. This one would be perfect for Jamie’s casual-ish farm wedding.

Vintage Turquoise Print Sundress, $26, from the Upside of Wonder. Amanda, the gal who runs this Etsy shop has a very pretty fashion/daily style blog.

I’m a sucker for dresses with sassy backs, like this laced-up ’90s floral number. I love the wide boat-neck and lady-like length.

1970s Romantic Floral Lace-Up Dress, $52, from jessjamesjake.

This dress looks comfortable, which is exactly what you want when you’ll be sitting, standing, eating and dancing in it for hours. I’m usually turned off by loud ’80s prints, but styling it with tan/light brown accessories, rather than stark black or white, tones the colors down nicely.

’80s Working Girl Floral Print Dress, $24, from Barefoot Vintage. I love this Etsy seller’s blog, too! (Hi Paige!)

This dress would be nice for the fancier, Friday night wedding I have coming up. I love the lace insets and delicate embroidery details and stand-out blue color.

Vintage ’60s Blue Linen Dress, $62, from Rust Belt Threads.

The only non-vintage contender is this lovely bowed number. I have a soft spot for pink & grey, and again, this looks easy and comfortable.

Coolidge Corner Dress, $128, from iviemade.

I hope my willpower can hold up!

Happy Tuesday!



just bead it

Hey there!

Did any of y’all go through a beading phase when you were a young’un? I sure did. And like many a youthful hobby, of course I dropped it and moved on to the next thing, probably something like playing the cello, making skirts or boy-catching. Anyway, I’m kind of wishing I had stuck with it, since lately, all sorts of beaded jewelry has been catching my eye. Here’s a handful of favorites…

Simply sexy. Really. This is just plain hot.

Triangle Beadwork and Webbed Chain Necklace, $42

I love bracelets like this. Ones you can wear with everything and that look fantastic layered with other day-in, day-out pieces.

Leather Beaded Adjustable Bracelet, $18

Every girl needs statement earrings. Like, lots of them.

Noir Jewelry Demi Hoops, $75

Did seeing all the pretty pieces made by these gals turn me onto this beadwork kick? Perhaps. Okay, yes.

Did you know you could win a custom-made piece (like the necklace pictured above) from Spilled Milk Factory just by dropping the High Plains name at the Red Hot Art Festival and Caffetto Craft Fair, both happening in Minneapolis this weekend? Well, you can! If you missed it, the details are at the bottom of this post here. It’s a seriously sweet giveaway!

So, I got to see Neil Young last night and it was awesome.  The whole set was fairly magical—he sounded great and played a bunch of old favorites. I was so wired when I got home, I stayed up well past my bedtime watching old videos of him on You Tube. He opened the show last night with this song, which is one of my favorites.

Happy Friday to you all…



a friendly reminder

Hey dudes!

So, I’m trying to pinch some pennies for important events coming up in August (like this), a practice that’s apparently called, wait for it…saving.

And though I know modest living rules in more ways than one, some days, it can feel like a drag. It certainly doesn’t help that there are so many things on the Interwebs, popping up and beckoning me to BUY THEM. To help me keep perspective, I’ve been repeating this friendly reminder to myself…

Savor the wanting as much as the having.

-Marshall Sylvan

Here’s a quick peek at what I’m momentarily pining for today…

Tickets to see this guy.


♥ This well-crafted, perfect-in-size travel bag.

Pendleton’s Jerome Weekender

♥ The prettiest pink ’70s sundress.

Poppy Rose Sundress, Bleubird Vintage

♥ More music DVDs, including this one, due out early next month.

Electric Light Orchestra: Live—The Early Years

I while I wouldn’t complain if any (or all) of these beautiful things showed up on my front doorstep, overall,

I’m pretty dang content.

Afterall, the best things in life aren’t things, right?



crushing on: eyelet

Sweet. Summery. Country. I love everything about eyelet. Want to take a peek at some eyelet-ed Etsy eye-candy? OK, go!

[Click image to go to source!]

Hi there, flirty little romper. Your $198 price tag breaks my heart.

This dress is so beautiful. There’s no way you could burp in a frock like this, right? It’s ladylike, and I’m into that.

This bib-fronted mini reminds me of something Loretta Lynn would’ve rocked back in the day. I like.

Wooden-handled bags = something different. Bonus: This one is super affordable.

I found this frilly pink thang at a Savers in Saint Cloud a few weeks back.

<Big thanks to Tate for taking my pic!>

To top it off, last night I stumbled across this angelic image of Marilyn Monroe on the set of the 1954 River of No Return in an eyelet-trimmed jumpsuit. She looks like the friggin’ patron saint of June, missing sock and all.

Ah, eyelet. Is there a cuter summer fabric out there?
I don’t think so.



P.S. Did you miss the giveaway? I’m picking a winner on Thursday, so enter soon!

springtime wants

Good morning dears & happy Friday!

Here’s a quick list of things I’ve been wanting this spring.

A pretty pair of vintage clogs.

Although my eyes have been peeled while thrifting, I have yet to find a pair as perfect as Rhiannon’s from Liebmarlene Vintage. Aren’t they adorable? Isn’t she adorable??

A simple turquoise cuff.

The sterling/turquoise cuff I’ve had since I was 11 broke last spring and I’ve been missing it hard as of late.  A simple bracelet like this one would be perfect.

Paint-by-number paintings.

Here are some Etsy-found floral paint-by-numbers that caught my eye. I’m always looking for these when I thrift, but think I’ll have better luck at some upcoming flea markets. Either of these pretties would fit right in my pink-is-more bedroom.

Music DVDs.

I love watching concert DVDs and it’d be nice to own a handful more. These are a few I’d love to add to my collection: (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.)

I love you Jimmy Page.

Pretty plaits.

Braided ‘dos are gorgeous, don’t you think?

I’m so stealing this look from Emily, of See Emily Play. So unfussy.

Fresh underthings.

My blog’s not a month old and here I go, blabbing about undies. Ah well, there’s just something about spring that makes me want to shake things up in my lingerie drawer.

How cute are these ruffly unders from the UK-based line of aptly named lingerie, Beautiful Bottoms? Simple & girly equals one irresistible combo.

I’d have sweet dreams in this set from Naomi Lingerie. Totally want it.

Well, that wraps up my list of lusts. What are you longing for this spring?