clickin’ around, vol. 35


 Why is Stevie Nicks doing karate? I don’t really care because these photos are amazing.

Speaking of pictures I love, Nylon mag approved this picture of Amy Adams and so do I.

 What the heck is going on in my home state? (Really though, WTF.)

In other lady news, what do you think of this list of the 10 greatest working-women in pop culture history? Can you guess which one’s my favorite? (Hint: it’s no. 7.)

 I started following Richard Simons on Twitter not too long ago and boy was it a great decision. He’s just so darn peppy, it’s not hard to smile when you read his tweets.

 I’ve been working my slow cooker overtime ever since my oven died. Some recipes I’ll for sure be making again include: Asian Pork with Mushrooms via SkinnytasteDutch Apple Pudding Cake via Better Homes & Gardens and a Beef & Broccoli via Table for Two that gives my favorite Chinese restaurant a run for its money.

Speaking of food, I recently went on an organizing spree over on the ole’ Pinterest, making dedicated boards to bundt cakes, pound cakes and Thanksgiving. I’ve already got plans in the works for boards devoted to pot pies, dogs in costume and other important things of that nature.

How great are these images from a 1957 Better Homes guide to flower arranging? I just want to hang out in those rooms.

 Did you see that a writer from The Cut gave Marilyn Monroe’s diet a try? Bravo to you, lady…I for one, couldn’t stomach all the raw eggs.

 Honest posts like this one from Holly encourage me to keep keeping things real ’round here. Very refreshing.

On the topic of honest bloggers, I read Mary Beth’s post on her journey as a runner start to finish and just wanted to hug her when I was done. Super sweet and inspiring stuff.

And finally, I was so humbled to be featured as a Model Citizen over on MSP’s Style Parlor blog last week. And yes, the only comment on it is from my mom! (Love you!)

Sorry that list got a titch long…there’s a lot of catching up to do, what can I say. I’m out the door to treat my two favorite ladies to a birthday dinner in their honor at a fancy restaurant donwtown. Are you taking advantage of any Restaurant Week deals? There’s still time to if you’ve slacked on arrangement-making!



clickin’ around, vol. 34

{source via here}

♥ I can’t stop myself from re-pinning goodies from Quincy West lately. Take the image above of Priscilla Presley for instance..what a fox.

♥ Amen to all of this, right?

♥ Many thanks to Maegen for connecting me to La Perla lingerie’s stunning spring/summer campaign. From the beehive hairdos to the impeccable makeup, it’s all so, so pretty.

 Are y’all following Industry of One yet? They sure do find some inspiring people to profile, and the photos accompanying each Q & A are stunning enough to stand alone.

 I don’t know about you, but I found this video featuring Betty Glasgow, hairdresser for the movie “A Hard Day’s Night,” totally interesting.

♥ Gosh darnit if I don’t want a new pair of jeans after reading Adore Vintage’s love letter to Levi’s post. (Bird Trouble’s bell bottoms also got me to lustin’ this week.)

 If I had a limitless checking account, I would snap up every single one of these Fela-inspired purses. For real.

♥ Really digging the looks of this iPhone app that lets users feel what the weather’s like by using warm and cool colors, instead of hour-by-hour projections.

I really enjoyed this slideshow of retro hairstyles and their accompanying how-tos. Very useful stuff.

 Speaking of hair, how pretty is this half-up, half-down, half rolled style that Alli from The Vintage Valley rocked. I’m lovin’ it.

And lastly, in food news, here are three recipes I’ve tried and loved this week: Mexican black bean burgers, strawberries ‘n’ cream pie pops and spaghetti in garlic gravy with cherry tomatoes, chicken & herbs. I’ve really been enjoying cooking at home since I got back from my trip!

I hope your week’s are shaping up all right so far. It’s another busy one for me, with Mighty Swell’s rummage/bake sale around the corner, but I’m hanging in. Some weeks that’s all you can do!



clickin around, vol. 33


This plinko game creates poetry out of tweets from Fox News and the New York Times. Cool!

Loving both of these summery cut-off makeovers. Since I live in dresses and cut-offs all summer long, jazzing up my shorts is probably a good idea.

The vintage bathing beauty pics Cali Vintage dug up are so sweet.

A toaster bag that turns out perfectly grilled cheese sammies? I need it!

How did I not know about Retro Lush? Long may you live, Potion Lotion!

I’ve been on a major chicken kick lately. Last week this super easy crispy cheddar chicken was a hit with my sweetie. This week, I’m living off to Iowa Girl Eatsmayo-less chicken salad. Bird’s the word this month, I guess!

Anyone who’s suffered from a broken heart due to a vintage dress with a tiny waist will laugh at this.

How completely charming are these pre-fab backyard office spaces?



clickin’ around, vol. 31


I am making one of these air-plant displays as soon as humanly possible. I pass by loads of beautiful frames at the thrifts and now I’ll finally have a way to put one of ’em to use.

Former Sassy editor and Lucky founder Kim France has started a blog aimed at 30-something ladies, and of course, it’s a must read.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my desire to learn how to sew went from an 8 to a 9 after seeing Madeline’s refashioned floral pants. So cute.

Most boudoir sessions most often leaves me feeling embarrassed for the girl. This session—a deployment gift for the subject’s hubby—is an enchanting, tasteful exception.

Every time these gals say something negative about their bodies, they put $1 in a jar. Also known as an effing genius idea.

So John Mayer covered Lana Del Rey and I shockingly, I don’t hate it. I guess sometimes two wrongs really can make a right.

And, speaking of stars I never dreamed of mentioning on this here blog, Audrina Partridge (you know, from The Hills?), got a makeunder courtesy of xoJane and I couldn’t stop staring. Why is it so weird to see celebs sans makeup?!

And with that, I’m off to dig a couple pairs of tights out of storage. I’m heading to the Iron Range for a few days for a work assignment and it’s chilly up there!



clickin’ around, vol. 30


Time for a hearty helping of things on the Internet I like…enjoy!

 Historically significant nudes…photoshopped!

 I couldn’t possibly agree with this writer more. Must read.

 How to wear colorful pants when you’re not a size two.

 11 myths of decluttering. Must. Memorize.

Loved this VS. mag editorial featuring the “other” Olsen.

Coral + bright blue = color combo perfection. Annnnd, I think her dress is really cute.

 Three more examples of outfit perfection.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweethearts!



clickin’ around, vol. 29


Pretty much every post on Closet Visit makes me dizzy with dress envy, but Allison Miller‘s embroidered coral ditty stole my heart. How precious is that collar?!

If you’ve ever thought about throwing ‘bows at the thrift store, this print by Tuesday Bassen might make you chuckle.

In this week’s num-num file: Pizza-stuffed chicken breasts, roasted banana bars with maple glaze and all of these citrus-y cocktail recipes conveniently rounded up by Eating for England.

Meet Ashlie Chavez and Jaime Rugh, my latest collage artist crushes.

Mary Beth, aka one of the sweetest Mighty Swell vendors of all time, just kicked off a 31-day home organization challenge on her blog, Occupation Housewife. I can’t wait to follow along!

I’m loving this delicate DIY necklace idea from Liz Kantner and this sweet boho bunting how-to from Wednesday Custom Design. Definitely filing the latter idea away for my bedroom redo.



clickin’ around, vol. 28


 Are vintage girls the new feminists?

I really can’t get enough of the tie-neck blouse trend.

This is cool: Donate $10 to Operation Uplink and you’ll provide 25 soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan 10 minutes of free phone time.

  These gorgeous DIY satsuma candle project are perfect for a wintery dinner party.

 How to let go of busy.

I want to make a million of these maple-cream topped cakies. They’re healthy if squash’s in ’em right?

Speaking of healthy eating, I’m filing this crockpot cheddar beer chicken recipe away for nacho night. Holy yum.

How sweet are these hand-drawn patterns by Alyson Fox? I could look at them all day.

 As if I wasn’t ready enough for spring’s arrival, along comes Sessun’s spring/summer collection.



clickin’ around, vol. 27

Yipes, I’ve been squirreling away some of these links for ages! I apologize for the delay; I’ve been sorta busy.

 Red-eye reduction tips. Helpful stuff, especially now that holiday party season is in full swing.

 A nicely curated list of DIY stocking stuffers. I like.

  I’m not the hugest scallop fan–on average I make one dish with them a year. This noodle-y goodness might be it for 2011!

 An easy, vintage-y, girly decorating idea.

 Majorly digging this Dolly P. inspired editorial in the latest Rue magazine. Lovely outtakes found here.

  AMEN TO ALL OF THIS: What I won’t ask you if you tell me you’re engaged.

 I wouldn’t mind if these notebooks wound up in my stocking.

OK, I’m off to warm up some supper and then it’s off to see a rockin’ (old country) band. Happy Tuesday y’all!



clickin’ around, vol. 26

I nearly keeled over when I spotted this couch on Adore Vintage. That pattern! It’s so pretty!

What did I do last night? Pigged out on homemade alphabet soup after a chilly spin on my bike. This recipe is awesome.

I could literally stare at these antique cyanotype photographs of botanical specimens for hours.

So thankful to Chelsea for introducing me to The Locals, a captivating Danish street style blog.

Now that the season’s in full swing, you’ll need these estate sale-ing tips. Snaps to Kaylah for sharing such great advice.

How precious are these letterpressed Dala Horse correspondence cards by Workhorse Printmakers? I love them.

And last but not least, a friend was kind enough to send me the link to The Kitten Covers last week. Thanks for that, lady bird!



clickin’ around, vol. 24

I love the simple bouquets shared on Found While Walking. So unfussy and fresh.

It’s discouraging as a vintage reseller when people don’t realize the labor that goes into getting some garments ready to sell. This journey of a dress post illustrates how time-intensive the process sometimes can be.

These caffeine patches are the most genius idea on the face of the planet. Want.

I’m jealous of Micaela’s recent thrift-store score.

How cool is this stupid simple hair comb makeover DIY? I’ll definitely have to try it soon.

While I’ve sworn off bourbon for life (or at least the rest of October), I do want to try this recipe ASAP.

It figures that as soon as I step away from tumblr, up pops a new Dolly Parton blog. Of course I love every post!

Bookmark these tips for finding one’s passion for a listless, lazy day. So many good ideas!

And lastly, two words: SEQUIN GRAFFITI.