Glory be, isn’t this the prettiest lake in the world?

Every time I visit home, I take a solo trip to the beach. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s 70° and sunny or 20° and icy, or if I spend an afternoon there or just half an hour…being by the water makes me feel sooooo gooooood. I don’t realize how much I miss living by a huge body of water until my feet are on the sand, and I’m just enchanted by the water, the waves and that sky.

Anyway, I hope you all had wonderful, joy-filled weekends. I’ll be back to regular posting soon. Now, though, it’s time to start tidying up my very messy house and readying myself for the work week…I have an extra special house guest coming in just a few short weeks and have *lots* to do before she arrives. Plus, welcoming the new year with a cleansed, pared down household just feels right.