up for adoption: my little stray love

joanieIf you follow me on Instagram, you know that last week, I found the sweetest baby kitty roaming around my veggie garden. Unable to take her in, I brought her to Vicki, a volunteer with Feline Rescue, a St. Paul-based no-kill organization, devoted to helping stray, abandoned and abused kitties. In just a week’s time, Vicki’s had our little four-month-old girl spiffed up at the vet and spayed, making her ready for adoption!

If you are interested in meeting this affectionate little baby, she’s available for meet ‘n’ greets at the Southside Farm Store, with an adoption fee of $125 (all proceeds go to Feline Rescue). I’d keep her in a heartbeat if I could, but I’m sure she’ll find a good home in no time…maybe even with one of you?



wish list: a blue-eyed kitty

Last week, my roommate moved out of my house, taking her fluffy cat with her. Ever since (OK, even before), I’ve been enchanted with the idea of adopting a little blue-eyed, white-furred kitten. And by enchanted, I really just mean obsessed. It doesn’t help that pics of cutie cats keep popping up in my blog roll left and right.

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I haven’t brought myself to start actually looking at rescue websites. My willpower. It’s not that strong.

Are you suckers for cute kitties? Or are you all more puppy people?