recently thrifted, a jolles original

I found this at Savers, hanging unceremoniously in a row, surrounded by way-less-pretty brown pleather Merona wallets. I sometimes wonder how on earth people miss a sweet little thing like this when they’re out thrifting? I mean, it’s just so much prettier than everything else around it. Anyhow, after a quick Google search, I found out that Jolles Originals is an Austrian brand—known for intricate beadwork and beautiful embroidery—that peaked in ’50s and ’60s. I’m smitten with the colors and the beads and the embroidered flowers. Plus it has that distinctive this-is-old-and-special feel in my hands, that only really nice vintage has. Anyway, if you like this pastel pattern, the matching coin purse is available here for $35. Both Etsy and eBay also have Jolles up for grabs, too.

So that’s my favorite find of late. Have you visited a thrift lately? Did you find anything awesome?