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I’ve been in a bit of bling-buying mood recently, which usually spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e for my bank account. Instead of picking up the first sparkly thing that caught my eye at the thrifts (or 10 of them), I vowed to seek out well-made pieces that would fill a need in my collection and/or complement what I already have. Here are three of my favorite finds…

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset I’m planning on finding a longer, thinner chain for this silver and enamel eagle pendant ($15), but in the meantime, I’m wearing it as is. Like all the time. And I can’t even explain how delicate these shell earrings are ($10). Both were purchased from the lovely Holly at yesterdays’ Double Peace Studio’s pop-up.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset It’s a rare day that I leave the house without a bracelet on. And on silver days, I’m most definitely wearing one of my beloved cuffs. When I spotted this beauty with abalone inlay ($12) at Second Début‘s St. Louis Park location, I had not choice but to snap it up.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetP.S. Did you know that Second Début location has a vintage section? It does, and holy crap is it amazing! Not at all cheap, but definitely home to some top-quality stuff.



kayd design cocktail ring giveaway!!! [closed]

Hey lovelies, and happy Monday!

Yes, yes, the holidays are behind us (thank goodness), but that doesn’t mean our glittery party apparel has to be relegated to the back of our closets, right? (RIGHT?)  I mean, there are parties to be had in January, too! One way to quickly turn any ensemble into something fiesta-ready is to throw on a big, sparkly ring.  A ring like those by Kayd Mustonen, a Minneapolis-based graphic designer and creator of these très cute cocktail rings, made from re-purposed vintage earrings.

A quick Q & A with Miss Mustonen…

HPT: How’d you get started, turning grandma-y earrings into your super cute group of “gals?”

Kayd: I saw rings like this at a craft fair and thought,”‘Hey, I can do this!” Soon after I went through my grandma’s costume jewelry and chose a bunch of pieces that would never again be worn as earrings, but would make fabulous cocktail rings.

HPT: Did you thrift any of the earrings? If so, where are some of your favorite places to vintage/thrift shop?

Kayd: Estate sales are my favorite place—especially to find jewelry. I mainly find sales on Craigslist—Birkeland lists their upcoming sales on their website, too. Not many people go for the jewelry at estate sales, so no matter when I get to one, I usually have prime pick.

HPT: Dorothy, Florence, Gladys, Ruth, Lucille…the names you assign each ring are super cute. How do you think of them?

Kayd: These big, flashing rings are stylish right now but I knew I wanted mine to stand out in a different way. I chose to call each of my rings a name from the 1920-30s to tie in the history of the re-purposed aspect. I started with my grandma’s and great-aunt’s names and it just grew from there.

{Stay up-to-date to what Kayd’s working on, via her website, blog and Twitter.}

Kayd’s generously offered TWO of her handmade pretties for TWO lucky High Plains readers! To enter, please leave a comment telling us where you’d rock one of these pretty thangs. For an extra chance to win, tweet or blog about the giveaway and enter the link to your tweet/blog in a separate comment.

We’ll pick the winners on Friday, so hop to!! Good luck!



every girl needs: a treasure chest

I love being a woman. I like wearing high heels and having armpits that smell nice. I appreciate having doors held open for me, and am grateful when burps (and farts) are kept to a minimum when I’m around. I don’t consider myself high-maintenance per se, just a lady’s lady. And being one of those can sometimes requires a little upkeep.

Last week, I had a stretch of “gross days.” You know, the ones when you feel greasy, zitty, flabby, how-could-anyone-think-I’m-attractive-? and blah. And you know what? As bad as that (fleeting) feeling was, I was happy to have an arsenal of girlie stuff that I knew was guaranteed to help me feel better.  A nice long bath, an at-home mani, a heels-on night out with my man (who always makes me feel like a million bucks), a big night of beauty rest—every girl needs a handful of simple, inexpensive methods for getting their pretty back, and those are some of mine.

Another thing every lady should have? A treasure chest. Because ladies, of course, have a lot of jewelry. I’m lucky enough to have a treasure table. This pretty piece was made by my great-grandpa as a gift for my grandma Mary when she was a little girl (sometime in the early ’20s).

From the outside, it looks like a plain table. (And yes, those are my bedroom walls. And yes, they are pink. Le duh.)

But open it up, and behold pretties galore.

Most of the little compartments have the original lids, too. Cool right?  My dad had felt liners made, one with my initials, MJM.
So sweet.

So, where do you keep your girlie treasures? A vintage bowl maybe? A jewelry box, necklace tree, train case or  serving dish?

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of my favorites from around the Internets.

This hidden jewelry box diy from design*sponge has been on my to-do list for months. So cool!

This little bunny ring dish from Anthropologie is too cute! I get excited when I see anything less than a gazillion dollars there, too (this lil plate is $10).

I stole this idea from this stand I saw at Urban Outfitters. I like displaying everyday objects, like a collection of pretty rings, in a special way. A little cloche like this over a patterned saucer would be adorable!

This multi-layered mod plastic jewelry box is sweet.

And in the end, can’t go wrong with a classic, velvet-on-the-inside, pink-on-the-outside,  jewelry box. This 1950s pretty is on sale, too, for $24. Sweet.

I hope you all have had fantastic Mondays! I’m off for my nightly dose of four of my favorite ladies…. “Golden Girls.”

Nighty night…xo.


‘thrifty ‘fits & an awesome giveaway: whittney & lauren kebschull of spilled milk factory

Hey you!

Today’s going to be great. Why? Because I get to introduce Whittney and Lauren Kebschull, and their creative brain child, Spilled Milk Factory, to y’all.

For their collection of beaded jewelry and fabric accessories, this sassy pair of sisters looks back to by-gone eras and indigenous cultures, and the ending results are spot-on modern (not to mention all kinds of awesome). Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down for some fries & conversation about our shared love of thrifting and vintage, how they work together as sister-friends and what’s on tap for Spilled Milk this summer. I hope you enjoy our little Q & A!

Did I mention they put together a kick-ass giveaway for y’all?

Well, they did. (Details ’bout that are at the end of the post!) Without further ado…

Meet Whittney and Lauren!

About their styles…

Me: What has inspired you fashion-wise?

Lauren: If I could dress like anyone it would be Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair. But in real life, I’m drawn to comfortable clothes and uncommon brands. Rarely do I buy anything new. When I thrift , I’m drawn to vintage pieces, but I do have a secret love for J. Crew. Their stuff is so timeless and easy to accessorize.

Whittney: When it comes to my style, I try to incorporate a bunch of eras and cultures. The one movie that always sticks out in my mind is Out of Africa. Meryl Streep has so much class, yet a masculine edge that is very attractive. Even Robert Redford…I would love to take a stroll in his shoes and trousers for a day.

Me: You both know the value of thoughtful accessorizing. What are your tips?

Lauren: Don’t try too hard. Try not to match everything you’re wearing. Little flashes of colors are eye-catching and add interest to even simple outfits. Finding accessories at craft fairs or thrift stores is great because they’re most often affordable and you’re unlikely to see anyone wearing the same thing.

Whittney: I’d agree with the don’t try too hard thing. You have to be comfortable with what you’re wearing, or it won’t come off as fashion, but more like your closet has projectile vomited on you.

[rockyou id=158178763&w=650&h=217]

Thrifting tips…

Me: Do you have a favorite thrift store in town? Why do you like it?

Lauren: I love Digger’s for old sweaters and I always find something handy at a Unique Thrift ( my favorite one’s on Rice St.) Grand Addictions in St.Paul is my favorite place to find vintage buttons. As a Duluth native, I like to hit up thrifts there when I go back to visit.

Whittney: I have to say there aren’t too many thrifts  in the Minneapolis area that I find outstanding. They all get ransacked pretty fast. I stick to a shopping mostly at garage, yard and estate sales. If you can get out to the ‘burbs, I have found some pretty amazing stuff at Valu Thrift in White Bear.

Me: What are some of your essentials for a day of thrifting?

Lauren: I try to bring a list so I remember what I’m looking for. There are so many basic little things I should get from Target, but will go to Savers first to see if they have them there. Tablecloths, tea candles, serving dishes—simple stuff like that. Having a list helps.

Whittney: Water, music and good shoes. I’m getting old and can’t be prancing around in heels. Give me some SAS-style granny shoes and I am a thrifting machine.

Me: What are some of your dream thrift-store finds, like, what would you freak out if you found?

Lauren: Vintage Buttons and fabric to re-purpose for Spilled Milk —our hoods, bags and scarves are all made with thrifted fabric and accented with old buttons. Honestly, I could look at old buttons for hours. I think they’re gorgeous and all so unique.

Whittney: I have already experienced absolute thrift-utopia! It wasn’t a thrift store but a yard sale across the street from my house. Dresses beyond dresses, all in my size! It was hard to control myself, but I would up buying five immaculate vintage dresses for $4 each. The people who were putting on the sale hundreds of antiques sitting in their basement from previous generations in the family. Everything was unbelievably cheap and super rare …they were my fairy godmothers for a day.

About Spilled Milk Factory…

Me: Tell me about Spilled Milk Factory. How did you get started, what do you make, what inspires you creatively?

Lauren: At the most basic level, we started Spilled Milk Factory so we could make things. We both like beading, sewing, fashion, thrifting and vintage, and all of those likes to give us a reason to make things. In our beadwork, we’re inspired the colors and patterns of Native American and African designs. For the sewn accessories we’re looking to create designs that are interesting and functional, like cozy hoods, wallets and fabric necklaces.

Whittney: Lauren initially started Spilled Milk and as usual, I hopped on the bandwagon. Our work is very complementary to one another. She is the realistic one and I like to go a little overboard.

Me: Where can people buy your stuff?

Lauren: You can find out work at I Like You in Northeast Minneapolis and Gallery 360 in Edina. We will be at the Red Hot Art Festival this Saturday (July 31) and Sunday (August 1) and at the Caffetto Craft Fair, also on Sunday, August 1st. You can find the most up-to-date information on our Facebook page. We’re hoping to get a website up-and-running before the end of the year, too. Fingers crossed!

Click here to see more pics of Spilled Milk Factory’s lovely creations, including wristlets, totes, cozy hoods, fabric necklaces and of course, gorgeous beaded jewelry.

And now, my favorite part, the giveaway!

So, how would you like to WIN a pair of earrings or beaded necklace made especially for you? It’d be awesome right? Well, all you have to do is stop by Spilled Milk Factory’s booth at either the Red Hot Art Festival or Caffetto Craft Fair, both happening THIS WEEKEND, and mention “High Plains Thrifter.” The girls will jot down your name and address, and will pick a winner at random next week. Easy right?!?!

I hope you enjoyed the interview and are fully motivated to swing by the art fairs to meet these two sweeties in person.

If you’d like to have your thrifty style featured on the blog, email me at

I would love to hear from you!