she get it from her mama

I didn’t get an Easter basket this year. Instead, on Easter Sunday, my mom gifted me this beautiful dress. She found it at our favorite up north thrift that’s right across the street from our favorite up north pie shop. (Blueberry pie is kind of a big deal up there.)

It cost a whopping $1.50.

How a dress from fancy pants Neiman Marcus wound up in little ole Iron River (population 1,059) is a bit beyond me. A little digging led me to discover that CB II by Castleberry was an ’80s trademark owned by Leslie Fay Inc., a label you’ll see often at thrifts. Unlike Neiman Marcus.

What I love about this dress…the way the pattern switches from horizontal to vertical and then back to horizontal (is there a fashion-y word to describe this? If so, I don’t know what that word is!), the cinched 3/4-length sleeves and the sash-y belt at the waist. It’s always a bonus when you score a cute dress with the original matching belt. It’s like a mound of Cool Whip on top of a blueberry pie á la mode. Pie + ice cream = great, but pie + ice cream + Cool Whip = even greater. Same with vintage dresses and their matching belts.

Thank you for this sweet dress mama! I’ll take thrifted finds from you over a basket full of chocolate any day. (Iron River blueberry pie on the other hand…)



P.S. If you like this dress, I found a similar one, also by CB II, on Etsy.