handy iPhone apps for thrifters

Happy Monday my dears!

I’ve been thinking about thrifting a lot lately. Thrifting in Tennessee to be exact. You see, in a just a few short weeks, my honey and I are leaving on an eight-day road trip. I’m so excited to hit up some small-town thrifts along the way, but I don’t want to spend hours upon hours researching store locations or combing through Craigslist, looking for estate sales in the area. And so, I’ve turned to my trusty iPhone. Over the past couple of weeks, I test drove a couple apps that you, my fellow thrift-a-holics, might find handy.

 GSALR finds garage, yard and estate sales close to where you are. Uh, helpful much? Here’s a screen shot taken this weekend, showing a handful of sales happening in South Minnie.

When you click on the red squares, a teaser about each sale will pop up, including important info like the sale’s address and dates it’s happening.

One tap from here will get you more details, directions or allow you to favorite the sale. This app is available here for 99 cents.

Thrift Buddy taps into a list of 10,000 thrift and charity shops and it can also pull up sales listed on Craigslist, too. Talk about a one-two punch! Here’s a screen shot of the app’s map function.

Hit one of these green pins and like magic, up pops info about that thrift. Hit it again, and you’ll be directed to more details including the shop’s address, hours, phone number and approximate distance from where you are.

The main problem I’ve noticed with this app is that some of the listings are out-of-date. For example, the Bethesda Thrift Shop moved to Minnetonka more than a year ago, but the app still indicates that it’s located in downtown Hopkins. That said, I’m still pretty confident it’ll be a handy tool for our trip. If nothing else you can call the thrift and see if the address listed is correct, right? Thrift Buddy is a free app (a pro upgrade is available for $1.99) available here.

Have you tried either of these apps? Are there other ones you find handy when you’re out and about thrifting or garage sale-ing? Fill me in!