recently thrifted

I’ve never seen myself as a jeans and T-shirt type of girl, but I have to say, there are definitely times when nothing else feels as right. The tee below I bought from a grizzled guy with a bunch of old stuff laid out on a tarp behind the “village” bar up north near my cabin. Hanging up alongside his pop-up tent was a long string of soaked Harley tees from St. Paul and Sturgis, 3 for $10.

I shared a peek of one on Instagram already, but this is the one I’ve been wearing most often.

high plains thrifter // harley teeDSC_6733Except for the eagle, it’s pretty plain, but it’s also hella soft, and I find myself putting it on after work before I head out to do my weeding, watering or walking of the dog. All lame activities compared to the two-wheeled adventures its former owner probably had whilst wearing it, but hey…at least it’s not in the dump, right?



Photos c/o: LB Jeffries.