seasons greetings

03 06


Disagree all you want, but for me, Christmas mail is the best mail. Lately after work, I’ve found myself going straight to the mailbox too see what’s arrived that day. A pretty card, a letter from family far away, cute baby photos from friends…every night it’s a little dose of happy. Speaking of happy mail, I scanned in a collection of Christmas cards from my mom and had to share them with you. Each is a treasure in its own way, from the staged sing-a-long to the oh-fer-cute garlands.

Are y’all enjoying the onslaught of holiday mail too? Better yet, did you send a holiday card this year? If so, here’s hoping it too is treasured.



happy mail!

My cousin Joanna lives way, way, way, too far away in Boston with her sweetheart of a husband, Nate,  and their adorable baby, Audrey. To say I miss her a lot is an understatement. To help stay in touch, we surprise each other with an occasional letter & care package. Last Thursday, I was having a rough day and found this lovely surprise in my mailbox.

Talk about perfect timing! There were so many sweet goodies inside, but my favorite thing has to be the oversized book of vintage souvenir matches from the Alligator & Parrot Jungle in Miami, Florida. Aren’t they so cool?

My other fav? The announcement of the arrival of baby Audrey Hilda, accompanied by a cute lil’ mix CD honoring the wee one, featuring my favorite Bob Dylan song (“Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”), Janis Joplin & Mahalia Jackson (“His Eye is on the Sparrow”).

Listening to it definitely made me want to make a mix…maybe one to even share with you, sweet readers!

Anyway, now that it’s my turn, I have to start saving up fun stuff to send her way. I hope my package will arrive on a day when she’s needing some extra love, as hers did last Thursday.

Do you all have pen pals? Have you gotten anything via snail mail that’s made your day brighter?