pinned it, made it: sage smudge sticks

Facing an abundance of Russian sage in my garden this summer, I knew come autumn, I’d need to figure out a way to preserve it. I pinned this handy how-to from You Grow Girl, one of my favorite resources for garden-related DIYs, btw.

How To Make Your Own Smudge Sticks

A few weekends back, I harvested said sage and bound it into little bunches to give as smudge-stick gifts. Tying them together was such wonderful aromatherapy, making the mess I made on my living room floor well worth it.

high plains thrifter // diy smudge sticksOf course I had to test one out for myself…

high plains thrifter // diy smudge stickAre you doing anything to preserve the late-summer bounty? If so, I’d love to hear what projects you’re tackling!



Top photo c/o: You Grow Girl.

i’m growing stuff!

Happy Friday people!

Here’s something else I’ve been working on the past few weeks.

Meet my lil veggie patch.

Here’s Finnie. Please note that he’s inches from trampling my Thai basil. His shamed-face, down-turned expression indicates he knows he’s being a naughty dog, being in the garden in the first place. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, here’s what we have going on here.

I have beet seeds planted and Thai basil and a pattypan squash plants in the ground, too, but they’re out of this pic.

I’m pumped.

After taking a year off from gardening, it feels good to get back to it, even on this lazy of a scale. My thumb is not green, but I can pull weeds. I can water. And you can call me naive, but it seems like that’s all you need to keep a veggie bed rolling. A little plant porn for you…

Itty bitty rainbow chard…


I did my weeding for the weekend (see, I told you I was a lazy gardener), and now I’m off to whip up some cheesy biscuits from this oft-referenced cookbook.

This book is a little gem, all the way back from 1956. My honey and I are grilling up some barbecued spareribs and I think cheesy biscuits are in order. Baked beans and fresh cucumber, too.

I love summer!