recently thrifted

sofa3Though I’m your typical stubbornly loyal Sagittarius when it comes to work, relationships and pretty much everything else, as far as living room sofas go, I’m as fickle as they come. And since my last Craigslist find endured a broken spring last winter, I’ve had a justifiable excuse to begin hunting…again. So, imagine my delight upon finding this seven-foot velvety prize at Rank + File’s / Hello Vintage’s pop-up last weekend. The pattern instantly reminded me of a couch I’d seen on Gold Dust Stevie that very week.

Fleetwood MacAnd once I found out it had quality Gabberts bones, it was obvious that I had to take it home.

sofa labelIt fits so perfectly and is oh-so comfortable, leading me to believe this may be the sofa for me for a long, long while. P.S. A little bird told me there are more sofas available at the Rank + File / Hello Vintage pop-up this weekend. Visit ’em today or tomorrow, before it’s too late!