scope it out!

 A few months back, I met with two very nice people from The Salvation Army Northern Division over lunch to discuss some ideas on how we could collaborate. (A thrilling prospect to be sure, given my long-abiding love and appreciation for Sal Val.) Lo and behold, they offered me a whole spread in Scope, their annual printed newsletter, and yesterday, a few advance copies hit my mailbox! #pinchmeplease

high plains thrifter // scope mag

Even after making the switch from print to digital publishing career-wise, it’s still a thrill to see my name is print. I’m super proud of the piece, too, which covers 10 tidbits of thrift-store shopping wisdom I’ve picked up through the years. They even ran a couple of my photos! Seriously fun stuff.

high plains thrifter // scopeScope ships out to donors across Minnesota (and North Dakota, too!) soon, and should also be available (for free!) at a Family Store location near you. Look for it!