saturday morning funny

If I had more command over myself, I probably would have made it to yoga class at 8 a.m., as intended. Instead, I’m putzing around the house, full mug of coffee in hand, Nine to Five on the tube. Watching it reminded me that I hadn’t shared these outtakes with y’all yet. I’ve watched this video like 10,000 times, but still laugh out loud every time I see Dolly whip herself with the telephone cord around the one-minute-37-second mark. (Lilly’s laughing fit at 3:40 is also pretty amusing.)

I hope your Saturdays are off to wonderful starts as well. Happy weekend!



P.S. Don’t forget about the Food Blogger Bake Sale, happening at Midtown Global Market (next to stall #158) today from noon to 3 p.m. All monies raised goes to this outstanding charity!

clickin’ around, vol. 27

Yipes, I’ve been squirreling away some of these links for ages! I apologize for the delay; I’ve been sorta busy.

 Red-eye reduction tips. Helpful stuff, especially now that holiday party season is in full swing.

 A nicely curated list of DIY stocking stuffers. I like.

  I’m not the hugest scallop fan–on average I make one dish with them a year. This noodle-y goodness might be it for 2011!

 An easy, vintage-y, girly decorating idea.

 Majorly digging this Dolly P. inspired editorial in the latest Rue magazine. Lovely outtakes found here.

  AMEN TO ALL OF THIS: What I won’t ask you if you tell me you’re engaged.

 I wouldn’t mind if these notebooks wound up in my stocking.

OK, I’m off to warm up some supper and then it’s off to see a rockin’ (old country) band. Happy Tuesday y’all!



clickin’ around, vol. 24

I love the simple bouquets shared on Found While Walking. So unfussy and fresh.

It’s discouraging as a vintage reseller when people don’t realize the labor that goes into getting some garments ready to sell. This journey of a dress post illustrates how time-intensive the process sometimes can be.

These caffeine patches are the most genius idea on the face of the planet. Want.

I’m jealous of Micaela’s recent thrift-store score.

How cool is this stupid simple hair comb makeover DIY? I’ll definitely have to try it soon.

While I’ve sworn off bourbon for life (or at least the rest of October), I do want to try this recipe ASAP.

It figures that as soon as I step away from tumblr, up pops a new Dolly Parton blog. Of course I love every post!

Bookmark these tips for finding one’s passion for a listless, lazy day. So many good ideas!

And lastly, two words: SEQUIN GRAFFITI.



the beauty thrifter is in…

{photo from For the Love of Dolly Parton}

If you know me at all, you’re already well aware with my undying love for the beautiful Dolly Parton. Today over on Beauty Bets, I’m sharing one of my favorite summer makeup looks, inspired by her. It’s soft and flirty, and of course, totally achievable with drugstore products. Please do check it out!



clickin’ around, vol. 17

On a scale of one to 10, my love for this dress is about 1,879. I want it so hard.

♥ Magnets made from Instagram pics. Also known as genius.

Tips for eating my favorite food without being rude. How handy!

♥ What would go well with a heaping pile of nachos? These nectarine vodka coolers from Iowa Girl Eats.

Since we’re discussing drinky drinks, how cute is this illustrated story book of cocktails? I want it.

 I loved these pro tips for false-lash application c/o the ever-s0-addictive site Beautylish. Very helpful stuff.

Check out all the cute mani ideas in this Refinery 29 slideshow. Looks number three, eight and 12 are my faves.

♥ And in case you forgot, I’M SEEING DOLLY PARTON TOMORROW. Here’s a little gospel medley she does I just adore.



seven days ’til dolly

A week from tonight I’ll be seeing Dolly (f*cking) Parton. With this in mind, I think I’ll be able to keep on smiling my way through this week, and its 12+ hour work days and 100+ degree temperatures. Just a few (160-some) hours to go…



P.S. The image is a scan from a piano book a friend of my boyfriend’s thrifted while touring through Tennessee. I love it so much.

i got the washday blues

If Moe Bandy can sing about Hank Williams writing his life, can I just put it out there that Dolly Parton sings mine? Okay, cool. The song that’s my theme for this weekend? This little gem, Washday Blues.
(Please do take a listen.)

Lyrical highlights…

Just rubbin’ and a scrubbin’ and a raisin’ ’em out

I gotta hang ’em out early i hope the sun comes out

(wash ’em out ring ’em out hang ’em on the line

Get a little tired just think about the good times) washday blues

Oh how I adore you Dolly.

Anyway, on the off chance you need me, I’ll be at home, listening to country music, doing load after load after load after load after load after load after load of laundry.

Glamour…my life is overflowing with it.

I hope you have super fun weekends cupcakes!



P.S. Have I told you yet I’m seeing Ms. Parton herself in a little under two weeks? Yeah. You can expect to hear a lot more on that real soon…