clickin’ around: vol. 47


How cute is this editorial from Queen Magazine’s March of ’68 edition?
Photographs done by Patrick Hunt and illustrations are by Barry Zaid.

In the mood for more adorable? Then you must see this photo set by Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano of his 4-year-old daughter Kanna. Absolutely precious.

Yes to all of this: What if I Don’t Want to Dress Like a French Girl?

I’m thinking of printing this list of hard things you need to do to be successful out and pinning it to my wall, dashboard, forehead. Lots of motivation in them 19 points!

A collection of recipes inspired by Girls, featuring not one, but TWO Bundt cakes! #love

Speaking of food, my absolute favorite burger made it to Time‘s list of the most influential burgers of all time. Way to go Matt’s!

I cannot wait to read my (brilliant) friend Megan’s writing on love and sex on Garance Doré. So rad and so proud!

Trailers for Netflix = total genius. It’s led me to some gems I never would’ve found.

I hope y’all are surviving the week OK? I’m fighting off a cold, but hopefully it’ll head for the hills before the weekend. Fingers crossed!



clickin’ around: vol. 46

tumblr_mxpwsdMpj51s011meo1_500 This inner dialogue re: cookies and feminism hit home. Have any of you ladies had this conversation with yourself?

Speaking of cooking, I’ve been all-aboard the taco train lately. Thanks to this recipe, beef tacos and pickles is my new favorite-favorite.

Holy cow, this woman has balls. An inspiration career-wise, to be sure.

Did you see The New York Times named Goodwill as a top fashion and style trendsetter in 2013? Go Goodwill!

Proof that every country song was the same in 2013. A (sickening) must-watch.

BB cream for your body? Thanks, but no thanks.

Finally, reader Tonky sent me a one-minute documentary he co-directed, titled “Sweater Bender,” centered on one man’s love for thrifted sweaters, filmed in my beautiful home state of Wisconsin. Take a minute and give it a watch!



Photo c/o: Living in a Retro World

clickin’ around, vol. 45

tumblr_mw8d0abdh11qzagi0o1_500 An accessory you never knew you needed—a bangle that doubles as a flask. #brilliant

Goodness gracious, this outdoor embroidery work by Milwaukee-based fiber artist Molly Evans is so great! Love, love, love how she gives new purpose to that ho-hum castoff furniture.

A circa-1963 Bill Clinton and his mom at a Christmas party. LOL!

It’s been months since I discovered the Blush for Wine app and I’m as obsessed as ever. If you like wine and own an iPhone, check it out ASAP!

Lovers of both retro and food will find hilarity and inspiration on this vintage-recipe card blog. (Vintage Betty lovers will appreciate this collection of recipes!)

New York music venues at their peak = raddest photo set I saw all week.

Well that’s it for tonight. I’ve had a couple busy days leading a freezer meals photo shoot at work and I’m beat. The recipes are really awesome though, and the crew was so fun and full of sass. Check out their sites! Photographer, food stylist, prop stylist…rad people all around.



Photo c/o: Sugarhigh Lovestoned

clickin’ around: vol. 44

catherine deneuve, photographed by milton greene♥ This circa-1950, personalities-as-Christmas-trees whiskey-ad is 100%-perfect.

 Believe it or not, karma truly can be a bitch. Case in point? This guy.

 While over-the-top public proposals aren’t necessarily my style, observing them without fail draws a tear or two to my eye. This one was no exception! Awwww.

 As if I wasn’t skeeved out enough by this stupid song. Ick.

 My friend Kara shared her list of 12 female authors everyone’s gotta get familiar with. Good stuff!

 “People who are pathological about white lights are usually the same people who stuff their TV into an armoire and try to pretend they don’t have one.” Yes to everything in this article on the great white vs. multi-color Christmas light debate.

A co-worker told me today about a local bakery that only sells mini Bundts. I think a visit over the weekend needs to happen, seeing as I’m completely Bundt-obsessed.

♥ Last but not least, I stuffed myself silly at Umami, the tastiest temporary restaurant I’ve ever stepped into. They’re closing up shop soon, so if you can get tickets (or stop by for takeout), I’d highly recommend checking it out!



Photo c/o: my mind lives in the '70s

clickin’ around: vol. 43

snow After spotting this cute forest of fudge on Handmade Charlotte today, it’s quickly moved to the top of my holiday must-make list. Fer cute!

Time mag wants to know what word should be banished in 2014. Only trouble is you can’t vote for ALL of them to go away.

If you’ve ever been tempted to arrange leftover glasses from a dinner party into pretty shapes, these overhead shots by Omar Sosa will confirm your instinct as awesome. Do they look like snowflakes to anyone else? (via Design Crush)

Gift-wrap has been on my mind a lot lately (you’ll see why Friday!), and this post from ModCloth featuring vintage wrapping has got me totally inspired. Especially love those ideas from McCall’s!

Leith Clark + Warby Parker is a thing, so ’60s-style, feminine frames can be yours, or mine, if I ever muster up the courage to go to the eye doctor.

During this season of disproportionate indulgence and too-busy-for-yoga-class work schedules, this read from Kind Over Matter hit home hard this week. Love your curves ladies, and while you’re at it, pass me a cup of ‘nog!

If $1,000 showed up in my checking account tomorrow, I’d plan a trip to San Francisco (to visit my sweet Ian of course) and crash here. #dreamy Shout out to A House in the Hills for the introduction!

Last but not least, I’ve been doing some fun stuff for my girl (Beauty) Bets. Check out  two of my latest posts: Must-Haves for Perfect At-Home Manis and Splurge/Steal, a Tale of Two Illuminators.



Photo above by: William Mebane

clickin’ around: vol. 42

I Don't Care About Your Diet Print - Hand-Illustrated

I am so totally buying this print to hang up in my office, available via this fantabulous Etsy shop.

My hon and I have been on a big “Three’s Company” kick lately, so this article, featuring the show’s lost pilot episode caught my attention. Can you imagine that show with a different theme song? Or worse yet, minus Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt?!

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with Sara Montour on a photo shoot and had to track down her blog the very next day. Such a talented young thing, and so nice to boot!

How to hide awkward bangs with a vintage curl: Totally bookmarking this for the next time I can’t squeeze in a bang trim (or botch them at home myself!).

Another motivating post by my friend Sarah of Yes & Yes, this time on the topic of money-saving and happiness.

Anyone who treasures vintage will appreciate Marianne’s post on the ’50s dress that started it all. I know the exact item that started my obsession—a pair of beaten-up Levi bell-bottoms my neighbor Sheila Brand loaned me when I was probably 11 or 12. They felt like butter and fit like a glove!

Serendipitous poetry” generated at random from New York Times’ feature stories. Unexpectedly brilliant!

Some interesting words of wisdom on what to wear to work.

And last but not least, three recipes I pinned, made and loved last month:
Baked Banana Blueberry Oatmeal; Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Golden Raisins, Candied Almonds and Harissa Dressing and Smoky Tomato Soup with Spinach and Olives.



clickin’ around, vol. 41

tumblr_mgak8y5ZjT1qhrygvo1_500 Stumbled upon this enchanting photo of dancers mending their shoes and tights in a park in Minneapolis circa 1945.

Style secrets from the ladies of the Harlem Renaissance. Inspiring in every way.

Some style (and life!) lessons we can all learn from Lucille Ball.

Adorable photos of the Beatles drinking tea. So. Cute.

Three recipes I pinned, made and loved this week: Date-Coconut Oatmeal, Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger Juice and Spinach Lasagna Cupcakes.

A Q & A with GIRLS’ costume designer, Jenn Rogien.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous paper flowers.