i got the washday blues

If Moe Bandy can sing about Hank Williams writing his life, can I just put it out there that Dolly Parton sings mine? Okay, cool. The song that’s my theme for this weekend? This little gem, Washday Blues.
(Please do take a listen.)

Lyrical highlights…

Just rubbin’ and a scrubbin’ and a raisin’ ’em out

I gotta hang ’em out early i hope the sun comes out

(wash ’em out ring ’em out hang ’em on the line

Get a little tired just think about the good times) washday blues

Oh how I adore you Dolly.

Anyway, on the off chance you need me, I’ll be at home, listening to country music, doing load after load after load after load after load after load after load of laundry.

Glamour…my life is overflowing with it.

I hope you have super fun weekends cupcakes!



P.S. Have I told you yet I’m seeing Ms. Parton herself in a little under two weeks? Yeah. You can expect to hear a lot more on that real soon…