heads up: hula hoop your way to savings

tumblr_n050toJjhK1qa5yk2o1_500Work your waist tomorrow at Empty the Next and you may earn yourself a half-off discount! Simply show up between noon and 4 p.m. and shimmy-shimmy as many times around as your rhythm will allow. Each time the hoop goes round your waist, you earn you 5% off any item of your choice. Three times = 15% off, five = 25%, eight = 40% and so on up to 50% off. Fun right?

Here are a few things I wouldn’t mind picking up on discount…

Pink and White Singer Cabinet Sewing Machine (model #626), $40

Yellow Homemade Toy Chest (for storing my deck cushions in), $10

Sweet utility/bakers/potting rack (great potential when repainted!), $25

To see all 80+ items Empty the Nest has listed on Craigslist, click here, but also know that their warehouse is big, consistently full and new stuff is put out constantly.

Happy hooping!



Top photo c/o: Moment Momentum.

heads up: customer appreciation savings at the Burnsville Salvation Army

high plains thrifter / sal val burnsville dealJust popping by to share this fun, in-store special the Burnsville Salvation Army is running on Thursdays. I happened to stop by the store last Thursday, and when I was checking out, I learned that I just so happened to be 50th shopper of the day. Score! If you haven’t visited this store, know that it’s one of my absolute favorite Salvation Army stores in town. It’s really big, it’s never picked over (except around Halloween) and I always find some treasures. Last week I scored big on dresses, along with some cute stuff to craft with and use in the kitchen. My wild-card find was an old floating minnow bucket that’s going to fit right in at the cabin. I can’t wait to go back and put my 50%-off coupon to use!

If you go, and want to hit more stores while you’re down that way, check out my Burnsville Thrifting Loop map below, which highlights other nearby stores. (Click View Larger Map for store details, including addresses, hours and phone numbers.)



recently thrifted

Hey all, we made it through Monday! High fives all around!

After a winter-imposed thrifting siesta, I’ve finally, just recently, been in the mood to make the rounds. And so, since it’s been a while, I thought I’d share a few finds from this past week

First up, two beauties from Empty the Nest


dryerAnd then a few random doo-dads from (clockwise from the left) the Salvation Army Family Store on Nicollet, Empty the Nest (yes, again) and the New to You Thriftique on Highway 55, which I visited over my lunch break last week.

option3Of all my buys, I’m most stoked about the hair dryer, with the granny sandals coming in a close 2nd. (Wearing them is like walking on a cuddly little cloud!) Have you thrifted anything recently that’s brought you a bit of comfort, surprise or delight? If so, I’d love to hear!



heads up: empty the nest’s music + jewelry sale

There aren’t many things that can entice me to slog through rush-hour traffic more than I have to (twice a day). But when I got a sale alert on Thursday from Empty the Nest with the subject line “Turn Up the Music, Bring on the Bling,” I kind of had to see what it was about, even if it meant more time on the road.

vscocam1488If you haven’t been, Empty the Nest’s warehouse is a big, two-room, packed labyrinth of stuff, meaning, it takes time to wind your way through. Starting in the front, I worked through the shelves of china, around the game and book section, and back towards the racks and stacks of records, passing by loads of great furniture (highboys, side table sets, ottomans, dining sets, cradles, etc.) and lamps.

vscocam1481   As part of this music-themed event, Empty the Nest put roughly 800 LPs out for sale, priced at $1 a piece. In addition to records, they also have some funky instruments, stereo systems and sheet music, all priced to move. I took home a chunk of records (18, to be exact), but left a lot of great ones behind.

A sampling of what I bought…

records1The other focus of this weekend’s event is costume jewelry, which they had quite a bit of, including clip-on earrings, brooches, necklaces and scarf, sweater and money clips from the ’50s through present-day. From the promo email, I was expecting tons more jewelry to pick through, but I do have a hunch that more stock will be out today and tomorrow. On the plus side, prices on the jewelry were great, with most pieces running around $2.

vscocam1475Open today and tomorrow from 9 to 4 p.m., I would say this is definitely a sale worth checking out. Directions to their showroom, located right off 35W in Burnsville, are here. While you’re in the area, here are some other thrifts you might want to check out.

I hope you have lovely weekends!



thrifting trip: burnsville loop

When I leave work feeling like a crabbed-out stress case, there’s one thing that can always make me feel better: Shopping. Thrift-store shopping, to be exact. I wait until traffic dies down, and then grab my iPod, some water and hit the road. While most of my favorite thrift trips are all-afternoon adventures, I’ve got a few routes down that can easily be done after work (even if you’re a 10-6-er like me).

This one, back and forth to Burnsville, is one of my ole stand-bys for those nights when retail therapy is most definitely required. I like to head south on 77 (Cedar Avenue) so I can hit the Savers that’s barely in Apple Valley. Then I cut across to Burnsville on Cty. Rd. 42 which leads you directly to the Unique and Salvation Army stores. (Pro tip: If you’re stretched for time, just hit the Unique and Salvation Army in Burnsville—they’re literally across the street!) From there, you can head back to Minneapolis on Hwy 35W, or cut back to 77 on Highway 13 hitting Antiques Minnesota and the Chap Thrift shop in Burnsville along the way.

(Click the pinpoints to see pics and details like hours, phone numbers, website addresses, etc.!)

If you liked this post, check out my other thrifting treasure maps…one for St. Cloud and another featuring Family Pathways Thrift Stores up Highway 35.