the beauty thrifter is in!

DSC_5516I am all for cutting back on stupid spending in 2014. (My new kitchen isn’t going to pay for itself, ya know?) Today over on Beauty Bets, I’m spilling some thoughts on budgeting, hair color and a $12 product that’s my new happy medium between salon color and box dye. Check it out!



Photo by: Julia McMahon // LB Jeffries Photography

beauty school sunday: success with at-home hair dye

7640251978_440a27fd42_zIt’s been approximately one million years since I dyed my hair at home. But with the new year around the corner and a looming list of home improvement projects on the horizon, I’ve got saving money on my brain. And so when the familiar itch to brighten up my color came around this weekend, instead of booking a salon appointment, I looked into drugstore options.

When it comes to going blonde at home, there’s no one I entrust more than Lady Clairol, so it didn’t surprise me to discover glowing reviews for Clairol’s Perfect 10, which retails for $10-12 and is available in the aisles at Walgreens, Target, CVS and Ulta stores. After doing some reading, I settled on shade Lightest Blonde, a luminescent light blonde.

Box dying your hair takes practice and to brush up on the basics, I turned, of course, to You Tube. The found the video below super helpful.

  After watching the video all the way through once, reading two more how-to articles (one and two) and the instructions in the box of dye, I took the plunge. Thirty minutes later (start to finish), I had perky golden locks I’m really pleased with. And with only a $20 investment (I used two boxes since my hair’s long and thick!), a fraction of what I normally would spend on salon highlights, I had money leftover to spend at my favorite brewery. (Pay no mind to my static-y bangs and weird beer grip!)

photo(31)Are you resolving to spend less on beauty expenses in 2013? If so, tell me what you’ve got planned, smarties!



Top photo source: Flickr.

guest blogging at beauty bets


This Wednesday is going to be beautiful. Wanna know why?

For one, it’s the middle of the work-week. Just a couple more days, and then another blissful weekend will be here. And as you all know, I love my weekends.

For two, it’s the day my weekly beauty column runs over at Beauty Bets. This week, I shared an off-the-menu salon technique that extends the life of summery highlights, and keeps dollars in your pocket. I even show off my greasy roots in the before photo. The things I do for you dear readers, I tell ya! Check out the post here.

For three, I’m finally getting a new garage door! This might not sound like a huge deal, but believe me, it IS. I’ve been without a working garage door for ages, and finally have enough saved to replace it. Yessss!

And last, but not least, Wednesdays = nacho night. Icing on the cake.

Hope your days are fantastic!