the beauty thrifter is in!

tumblr_mufgyv5Ed51qiflw2o1_500‘Tis the season to simplify, and our daily makeup regimen should not be immune. If spring’s got you in the mood to streamline, head on over to Beauty Bets to learn about a two-in-one wonder-stick that’s quickly become one of my favorite Sally finds of all time. The best part? It’s only $5! For the full scoop, head on over here.



Photo c/o: Simply Sassy


the beauty thrifter is in!

12446175255_804dd5ebdb_bSince today’s forecast calls for yet another dumping of snow, it seems appropriate to share this round up I put together for my friends at featuring a handful of my all-time favorite winter skin saviors. From a facial scrub that smells like fresh grapefruit (and works miracles on blah, dry skin), to a spray-and-go lotion that keeps scaly legs at bay, each of these products will keep you looking hot (even if the temps are sub-zero outside). If you have time, please do check it out!



Image c/o: Classic Film's Flickr.

beauty school sunday: hair doughnuts done right

FRANCOISE DORLEACI test out a lot of great beauty products for my freelance gigs, and goodness knows, I’m never going to complain about that. But my busting-at-the-gut, linen-turned-beauty-product closet? That’s definitely worth a gripe or two. I’ve gotten to the point that when it comes to my stash, if it’s going to take up more than a square inch, it better do as Britney says and work.

One item that’s been gathering dust happens to be a hair doughnut I got for $5 10 months ago that’s been used, oh, about zero times. I’ve given it a try a time or two, but every outcome is this this overly polished, 8th-grader-by-day, ballerina-at-night, twee-type of situation. (Like of like this.) Definitely not the Françoise Dorléac vibe, pictured at top, I aspire to. So, I decided to dig up some looks that are more up my alley.

doughnut5Photos c/o: unknown // Washega Valley Farm // unknown

The majority of examples I was drawn to places the doughnut at the back of the head, versus plopped awkwardly on top. They’re a little retro and a little messy, just like I like ’em.


Photos c/o: Ruffled // Amateur Couture // Best Hair // Latest Hairstyles

The tutorial below, from Strawberry Koi, is more polished than what I typically go for, but it’s so elegant, right?

Armed with a few (less prissy) examples, I’m resolving to make that dang doughnut work in the next week, no excuses. If you have any good ideas for me, please do leave a comment! And tell me, are there any items in your beauty stash on the chopping block in 2014? Use it or lose it, is what I say!



you tube university: bandana’d hair-do

Happy Wednesday, luvs.

I found this ever-so-helpful tutorial on You Tube today about how to achieve an adorable, summery pin-up style ‘do. This gal is too cute, and unlike many beauty (and crochet!) You Tube instructors, she moves at a reasonable pace, i.e. s-l-o-w.

I’m eager to put my thrifted scarves to use this summer, and this is just one more way to rock them. Now that my head’s done up like a ’40s housewife, where else would I be off to except the kitchen? It’s Wednesday, so that means nachos. And giggles. And beers. Tonight’s variety: turkey chili with homemade nacho sauce made with real cheese. Nom.