monday melodies: a christmas mix for YOU!


Seriously, how much do you want to swap circumstances with the woman pictured above? Trade the computer and office for a pool float and crystal-blue water, bobbing with ornaments? Where do I sign up? Alas, I’m at work today, wrapping up loose ends and getting ahead before a gloriously long, nine-day (!!!) break. In case you, too, are spending today in front of a screen, below is a mix o’ music I put together for your ears only. It’s eclectic as all get out, but I hope listening to it makes your work day feel a little bit (79 minutes, to be precise) shorter. If you like what you hear, I shared a holiday mix here a couple years ago, in case you want to give that one a listen too.

Christmas break, here we come!



Photo c/o: Honey Ryder

workin’ it: a party fit for a princess


Some times, when I describe what I’m working on for work, it can sounds completely absurd, even to me. For instance, back in March, my life revolved around planning a Princess Birthday party photo shoot (see, I told you, crazy!). It was all-engrossing in the best possible way. I dreamed about princess cakes. Got up at 5 a.m. to dye bamboo fruit skewers pink. Had multiple phone conversations exclusively about tutus. (And loved every minute of it.)

You can find the gorgeous pics from the party here, including insanely adorable cake recipes, easy ideas for party food and heaps of décor and detail inspiration. There’s even a suite of coordinating printables my Mighty Swell partner Rae designed (they are so, so, so cute and totally FREE!). Whether you have a princess in your life to plan a party for, or are just in the mood for a bit of precious, pink, princess-ness, please do check it out.

I, mean, c’mon. This cake! That face! (Love.)


Princess Birthday Party Credits
Photographer: Eliesa Johnson
Photo assistant: Sara Montour
Party styling + printables: Rae Alexis
Prop styling + art direction: me!



Full disclosure: During the day, I work as Senior Editor on via MSP Communications. 

saturday morning funny

If I had more command over myself, I probably would have made it to yoga class at 8 a.m., as intended. Instead, I’m putzing around the house, full mug of coffee in hand, Nine to Five on the tube. Watching it reminded me that I hadn’t shared these outtakes with y’all yet. I’ve watched this video like 10,000 times, but still laugh out loud every time I see Dolly whip herself with the telephone cord around the one-minute-37-second mark. (Lilly’s laughing fit at 3:40 is also pretty amusing.)

I hope your Saturdays are off to wonderful starts as well. Happy weekend!



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