i got my hair did today…

And asked to have it look just like hers.

Marianne Faithfull circa 1965. Photo by Tony Frank.

Of course I didn’t get cut that short, but my girl Liz rocked out bangs just like hers, and I’m a happy girl. And since I’m too tired to blog much else, I figured I’d share with you some pictures of this gorgeous rock and roll style icon.

Photos from here & here.

Nighty night!


film! from chicago!!

Oh goodness, today rocked. Yes, I had to get up at the crack of dawn for a photo shoot, and yes, it was gray and and cold and rainy 98 percent of the day, but do you know what,  today, I also got back my film from my sweetheart’s & my trip to Chicago. Yesss!

I’ve had nothing but terrible luck getting film from toy cameras developed, and was apprehensive this go-round, especially considering this was my first run with a new camera. I thought for sure something would go wrong, and I’d wind up with nothing. Well, I’m so happy to report that the roll was full of keepers. Win!

Here are a few of my favorites…

I love how they turned out and can’t wait to tote this camera out on future trips. Maybe this weekend?

I hope you all had happy Wednesdays! I’m getting prepped for taco night with my honey and am so looking forward to it. He’s had a long day at work, so I’m baking up a pie from Paula Deen’s “Best Desserts” special issue. Am I the only person under 30 who subscribes to this magazine? Maybe. What can I say? Some people drunk dial. I drink and subscribe to magazines. My love for print is sloppy, and that’s never going to change.



flickr find of the day, starring dewey bunnell

How are your Saturdays going kids?

Rockin’ so far, I hope.

Speaking of rockin’, I was searching for images of Dewey Bunnell on Flickr this morning, and amongst the many modern-day images I found of him and Gerry, one little pic that looked kind of old popped out and screamed “click me!!!” And so I did.

Here it is. (Click images to make them bigger!)

Just a couple snapshots of a 24-year-old Dewey Bunnell and his then-wife, Vivian, at their home in San Enselmo, California. The photo was taken in 1976, a year after America’s “History/America’s Greatest Hits” was released. (It reached number three on the Billboard charts that year.)

My immediate thought? Who the hell is this guy, taking snapshots of effing Dewey Bunnell during America’s heyday? So, I started going scrolling through his 1,500 photos. Socks = knocked off.

Here’s Dewey, again. NBD.

And while the rest of the photos are celebrity-free, they’re light years away from boring. Tucked in between current pics of his garden, cats, girlfriend and military reunion events, there are some pretty awesome photos from the 1960s and ’70s.

Here are a handful of my favorites.

If you’re a film nerd or ’70s lover, it might be worth it to take a tour of this guy’s stream. You’ll find shots of epic foosball tournaments, his travels (Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Korea, China), his time in the military, etc. And who knows, maybe you’ll come across some other pics of Dewey I missed.

I’m off to the beach!



wisconsin weekend: scenery

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I finally got around to going through some of the photos I took up north in Wisconsin over the 4th of July holiday. It was nice to be surrounded by non-city scenery for a couple of days.

(Click to enlarge, if you wanna!)

I’ll be posting another thrifting-related set of pics from that trip later this week. Going through all of them has gotten me excited to plan another getaway up there soon.



it’s a scorcher!

Geez louise, has it been hot enough out there for y’all?

My simple stroll with Finnie this evening had me sweating like a whore in church and I am not a fan. But, instead of bitching, I’m going to remember the many, many months when the sidewalks looked like this. (And yes, that’s my ever-so-stylin-Sorel-clad foot.)

Ahhh, I feel better already.



my weekend in instax: a summary in 4 parts

Ah, Monday. You’ve finally arrived, killing the buzz of an extended weekend. SIGH.

What is it anyway about coming back from a trip that makes one feel both equally energized and exhausted? I’m not sure whether I should start tackling my mile-long list of chores, my overflowing Inbox or just say to hell with it all, and find the nearest bed and nap away the entire afternoon. I’m leaning towards the latter, I’m not gonna lie.

While I mull it over, enjoy these Instax snippets from my weekend up north. I saw a lot of these four things over the past few days…

open country roads,

the lake,

flowers, flowers and more flowers,

and teeny tiny small towns.

What did you see a lot of this weekend?



wish it was still around: kodak’s the handle

Hi hi hi!

I was paging through an old Seventeen this morning and saw this ad for Kodak’s The Handle.

Wouldn’t it’s namesake handle make taking one-handed pics a breeze? With the push of a thumb, instant pics.

Some random facts about this little camera…

♥ In 1985, Kodak stopped making and selling instant cameras and film because they were infringing on several of Polaroid’s instant-photography patents.

♥ When The Handle was pulled from the market, owners of the 16.5 million cameras were given the chance to send them back to Kodak in exchange for stock, a new camera, cash or $50 worth of Kodak merch.

♥ The overall cost of compensating their customers came to $150 million, including cash payments, rebate coupons and advertising costs.

♥ Other Kodak instant cameras : Champ, Colorburst, EK, Handle, Happy Times, Kodamatic, Partyflash, Party Star, Partytime, Pleaser, Trimprint.

See the camera in action in this commercial, featuring SANTA. The little kids dressed up in the colors of the rainbow kill me.

What old cameras do you miss?



mama’s got some new toys

Yesterday after work, I dashed over to my brother’s to pick up these cameras, both of which had been gathering dust in the back of my mom’s closet.

Holy giddiness!  These beauties were used by my mom in the late ’60s and ’70s. She’s an awesome photographer, and just holding them and thinking about all the cool sites and people she’s snapped with them makes me happy. After learning that both the Olympus 35 ED and the Canon Canonet QL17 G-III are comparable to Leicas, I’m even more eager to get them up and running ASAP.
Thanks for sharing, Marmee!

The slew of pretty Canonet shots in this Flickr group are inspiring.
This one is extra dreamy.

Do any of you shoot with film? Any tips for a brand-new beginner?